air to water heating system

    air to water heating system can keep your house warm even in extremely cold areas. PHNIX air to water heating system supplies a wide range of products to meet the diverse demands of major purchasers around the globe.

  • KK Air to Water Heat Pump

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    PHNIX hot water heat pump combining with multiple technology are featured with safe, environmental-friendly, comfort and fast heating. Accuracy temperature control technology makes the hot water keeps in the constant temperature.

  • EVI Spa Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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    Even some areas’ annual sales is reach to 200 million RMB. But in the North China where the weather is always very cold in weather that have a bad impact on the operation of heat pumps, so the heat pump market in these areas is much limited. 

  • Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater

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    PHNIX Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater, adopting green refrigerant, high efficiency heat exchangers and circulating heating method, has a higher COP of 4.67 and has acquired the first class energy label according to GB29541-2013 (PASHW060S-X1).

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