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Being as Stunningly Attractive as PHNIX Innovator Series Aluminum Pool Heat Pump


Guangzhou, China, 2nd Feberary, 2018- PHNIX the leading heat pump manufacturer of residential and commercial pool heat pump, has applied its creative heating expertise and new design of adoring appearance to its Innovator Series Aluminum Pool Heat Pump. 


With the smart and fashionable design for its appearance, PHNIX Innovator Series Aluminum Pool Heat Pump initiates a completely new aluminum casing appearance, signifying a transformation from industrial products to high-end home appliances.


Available exclusively from PHNIX professional contractors, the residential-grade Innovator Series Aluminum Pool Heat Pump features a practical range of models suitable for most residential applications. “Homeowners will instantly value the reliability and efficiency built into the PHNIX Innovator Series achieved by using the PHNIX core and patent heat pump technology.” said PHNIX product manager, Mr.Liu Yuanhui.
What will you harvest from Innovator Series Aluminum Pool Heat Pump?
(1)Reliable Work Efficiency
PHNIX INNOVATOR SERIES has a reliable high work efficiency as we always have. Users can enjoy comfortable swimming all year around.
(2)One-Button Fast Control
In addition to an exquisite touch LCD controller equipped, the units have an attractive button with colored light at the front panel. It provides a fast and convenient control for users to powering on/off the heat pump.
(3)Elegant Appearance Design
The casing of PHNIX INNOVATOR SERIES is made of aluminum alloy, making the texture and appearance of the heat pump exquisite.
What is Core Strength of Innovator Series?
(1)2 Titanium Coils Exchanger
Patented Two Titanium Coils Heat Exchanger features extended work area with higher efficiency
(2)Electric Expansion Valve
Smartly adjust the refrigerant-t flow rate, the units are sure to work with high efficiency at all time.
(3)Ripple Fin Air Exchanger
Heat exchanging surface extended, heat exchanging effect is improved and the risk of frosting is reduced.
(4)Pressure Protection
With high/low pressure protection, heat pumps are protected at bad working conditions.
(5)Water Flow Switch
The water flow switches designed by PHNIX are with high sensitivity feature.


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