Residential Heat Pump Water Heater

HeatSpring provides up to 65℃ hot water for you constantly by circulating heating. It’s specially designed for the residential demand. With the features of stable hot water supply and high energy efficiency, it’s a perfect choice for domestic hot water.

65℃ Hot Water Outlet

The HeatSpring Heat Pump Water Heater can produce as high as 65oC outlet water. While in the market, most of the domestic water heaters make only 55oC. The 65oC high outlet temperature enables the water volume for use to increase by 30%.

heat pump water heater

Automatic Heating 

As soon as water temperatrue for shower drops to the setpoint, the heat pump starts working so as to ensure constant shower.

Automatic Heating

Short Heating Time

Hot water can be supplied in a short time within 1hr as the inlet water temperature is greatly higher than that of tap water.

Short Heating Time

Extended Shower Time

With sufficient hot water supply and fast heating technology, the heat pump covers the hot water requirement of a whole family.

Short Heating Time

Easy & Clear Control

The clear controller display, specially designed by PHNIX, makes it easy for users to power on/off, set temperature, timer and heating/defrosting mode.

Easy Clear Control

Benefits of 65oC Hot Water Supply

a. Prevent build-up growth of legionella;
b. Higher temperature than 65oC will be dangerous for domestic use;

Prevent build up growth of legionellaHigher temperature than 65℃

Multi-protection; Long Service Life

Water Flow Switch Protection

When water inlet  volume is low, the unit stops to protect the system. When the water volume recovers, the unit starts working again.

Antifreezing Protection

When the unit is standby and water inlet temp. is lower than 4oC but higher than 2oC, the water pump starts up to protect the system.

High/Low Pressure Protection

High/Low pressure switches will switch off the heat pump automatically to protect the whole system when the pressure is over high/low.

High Discharging Temp. Protection

When the compressor discharging temp. is higher than 110oC, the unit will not work until the temperature is lower than 85oC.

Compressor Overload protection

When the compressor is working overload, the unit will stop working to protect the whole system.

Multi protection Long Service Life

Advised Installation Method


Advantages for Various Heating Systems


Solar Panel + Heat Pump

A wise choice for existing solar heating system If you are now annoyed by the unstable hot water supply of your solar heater system, this easily installed revolutionary system can be an ideal solution. It efficiently and consistently guarantees you a plentiful supply of low cost hot water. Utilising the heat energy from both the sun and the air, this system is of greatly increased performance.

Therefore, PHNIX HeatSpring can also help:

• To augment existing systems

• To preheat conventional hot water systems

• To supply full hot water

Solar Panel Heat Pump

Eco-friendly Application

This solution below is specially designed for residential use. PHNIX HeatSpring Heat Pump Water Heater provides sufficient and stable hot water for residential use. Users can also apply the solution with a solar panel, so as to reach a more energy-saving effect. With the advantages of safe running and stable hot water supply, PHNIX HeatSpring provides a comfortable and green life for you.

Eco friendly Application




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