domestic heat pumps

    PHNIX's Room Heating/Cooling Heat Pump can meet both home heating/cooling needs and domestic water heating needs as well. 

  • High Temperature Heat Pump Dryer

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    PHNIX hot water project in the Guizhou City Colleage got high recognition from the students and the teachers. 6 sets of the air source heat pump water heaters are installed in the college to provide 125 ton domestic hot water to satisfy the student in this college. 

  • Polaris EVI heat pump

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    Under the support of the government policy, urbanization has become important impetus to accelerate the heat pump development. As about 200 million farmer -are migrating to the city who have high demand for their live, that provides a great development chance for the heat pump market.

  • Residential Heat Pump Water Heater

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    HeatSpring provides up to 65℃ hot water for you constantly by circulating heating. It’s specially designed for the residential demand. With the features of stable hot water supply and high energy efficiency, it’s a perfect choice for domestic hot water.

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