Residential Heat Pump Dehumidifier

Absorbing clammy air and transferring it to warm and dry air, PHNIX HEAT PUMP DEHUMIDIFIERS can work as indispensable partners with PHNIX swimming pool heat pumps or work independently on residential occasions. When the units are at work, problems, like condensation and furniture corrosion are solved.

High Efficiency

The dehumidification volume of PHNIX HEAT PUMP DEHUMIDIFIER reaches as much as 3.0 L/h at 30°C ambient temperature and 80% relative humidity.

phnix heat pump dehumidifier

Super Silent Running

HEAT PUMP DEHUMIDIFIER adopts DC fan motor for air circulating, the noise is only 46dB, making the units work silently.

Super Silent Running

Epoxy Fin Air Exchanger

HEAT PUMP DEHUMIDIFIER’s specially applied gold epoxy fin air exchanger is featured as great anti-corrosion performance. So the unit has a long work life even in areas of high humidity.

epoxy fin air exchanger

Ultra-thin Casing

With compact inner structure, PHNIX HEAT PUMP DEHUMIDIFIER features an ultra-thin casing of 200mm thickness, requiring little space in the house.

phnix inner structure

Fashionable Appearance

PHNIX HEAT PUMP DEHUMIDIFIER provides two fashionable appearance designs. Users can choose the white glass panel or black glass panel casing according to your preference.

phnix heat pump fashionable appearance


phnix heat pump parameters



phnix heat pump applications


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    PHNIX Residential Heat Pump Dehumidifier

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