Hot Air Printing Dryer for Packaging

The PHNIX Hot Air Printing Dryers For Packaging Industry adopt a unique heat recovery technology, which effectively makes full use of waste heat as part of its drying process. Compared with traditional electricheater drying, the Heat Pump Dryers can ultimately reduce your energy costs up to 70%.

Energy Cost Saving up to 70%

With PHNIX‘s unique heat recovery technology, the waste heat produced in the drying process is not discharged to the outside air but is recycled and reused for the next drying circulation. This makes the heat source temperature higher and reduces the energy cost needed to reach the target drying temperature.

hot Air printing dryer technology

Intelligent Central Controller

The central controller for the dryer is able to check and control parameters of more than 12 units. Checking running parameters, adjusting air pressure, alarming failure and auto power off protection are easily realized for users thanks to this technology.

hot Air printing dryer controller

Clean Drying Air Ensures Quality

Inlet air passes through double filter nets before entering the heating and drying circulation. Because of this, only clean air is used in the drying process so as to ensure high quality products.

hot Air printing dryer ensures quality

Well Designed Structure for Easy Maintenance

The dryer not only has a galvanized steel outer casing with electrostatic coating for anti-corrosion, but its waterproof electric box also has a door with keys, making for easy maintenance.

hot Air printing dryer maintenance


hot Air printing dryer parameters


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