heat pump for swimming pool

    As an international enterprise, PHNIX attaches great importance to high-end heat pump for swimming pool markets, exporting more than 50 percent of its products to Europe.

  • Commercial Series Pool Heat Pump

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    PHNIX COMMERCIAL POOL HEAT PUMPS are widely used in public places like hotels, aqua parks all over the world. With centralized control, users can get in touch with every heat pump all the time.

  • Comfort Easy Pool Heat Pump

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    PHNIX has brought simple design concept and appearance to the Comfort Series, guaranteeing best cost performance and stability at the same time. First, they are easier to control: on the front panel there are only three buttons: power, temp. up and temp. down. Second, receptable COP: as domestic pool heat pumps for most families, the classic series has a heating COP up to 5.1 (24°C / 19°C).

  • Pioneer Series ABS Pool Heat Pump

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    With complete range of models from 4kW to 23kW, PHNIX PIONEER SERIES ABS Pool Heat Pump is widely welcomed in global markets. In the working process of absorbing free heat from the air and transferring it to water, this series of heat pumps ensures constant and stable pool water temperature for you.

  • Innovator Series Aluminum Pool Heat Pump

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    Breaking traditional industrialized heat pump design,PHNIX SWIMMING POOL HEAT PUMPS -- INNOVATOR SERIES initiates a completely new aluminum casing appearance, signifying a transformation from industrial products to high-end home appliances.

  • High Temperature Heat Pump Dryer

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    The area of structure area is about 0.5 million square and the total investment will be reached to 1.5 billion RMB. It’s estimated that about 30,000 students will study and live there. In order to improve the student dormitory condition, the college decided to invest about 2 million RMB to transform the domestic hot water in the old campus so that the hot water will be supplied directly to every dormitory. 

  • KK Air to Water Heat Pump

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    The extreme environment and energy problem will get ease in the recent year thank to this policy.Gradually disappearance of market pattern between North and South China.

  • All in One Heat Pump Water Heater

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    Enjoy the sanitary hot water whenever you want with our hot water heat pumps.

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