heat pump hot water

    As a leading hot water heat pump manufacturer, PHNIX is known around the industry for its quality heat pump hot water heaters.

  • Polaris EVI heat pump

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    As a leading heat pump manufacturer in China, PHNIX has been recorded into the government procurement catalog for several years, that means PHNIX products are produced with high quality. In addition, the 6.5 years warranty give more confident for the customers and make them ease with the maintain problem. 

  • Innovator Series Aluminum Pool Heat Pump

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    Most of the units are finished installation recently, and the users highly recognized the quality and the performance of PHNIX heat pumps.

  • KK Air to Water Heat Pump

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    PHNIX Air to Water Heat Pump KK Series can keep your home temperature constant with their steady running performance. With excellent efficiency, the units can also bring you a warmer house with lower installation cost and less space requirements.

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