HeatMax Series Water Source Heat Pump Water Heater

With outlet water temperature from 55℃ to 80℃,as well as space cooling, HeatMax Series water source heat pump water heater is doubtlessly your smartest choice.

High Efficiency

The unit is capable of producing hot water with temperature up to 80℃ and simultaneously offering cool air for space cooling. The double effects that it brings use the same amount of energy but providing you both hot water and cool air which to a large extent higher the energy efficiency thus add to greater cost-savings.


Flexible Installation

The unit can adjust to various installation location, such as inside a basement, on the ground floor and even on the roof, which makes it so flexible for fast, low cost installation.929-342-flexible-installation

Combination With Existing Air Cooled Water Chiller

When the unit is working for water heating and space cooling, the existing air cooled water chillers can be shut off according to different requirement and condition.929-342-combination-with-existing-air-cooled-water-chiller

Environmental Friendly

With hi-output, the energy efficiency and environmental value of the unit can radically surpass that of a single effect system which can only produce either hot water or cool air and traditional system that is driven by primary energy resources, which lessens the impact on the environment.


High ROI

With the double effects and the high COP that the unit featuring itself, it is beneficial to lowering the energy bills in the long run.




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