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PHNIX House Heating and Hot Water Heat Pump to Release 6 New Products in South America

2018.07.27Guangzhou, China

GUANGZHOU, China, May 9, 2018 -- As one of PHNIX's key emerging markets, the South American market has recently been made far more of a priority. Peter Wang, Deputy General Manager in charge of PHNIX global overseas business, said in an interview, PHNIX will launch six new PHNIX house heating and hot water heat pumps in South America to help support local business partners in recent weeks.


Five of the six new products introduced in South America belong to the PHNIX HeatPlus series. The HeatPlus series is a full range of domestic and commercial heating/cooling/hot water solutions. The other is the new model of the HeatPro series, which focuses on highlighting home features. The HeatPlus series is generally applied in an area where the ambient temperature is not lower than -15°C, while the HeatPro series can be applied to an ultra-low ambient temperature area of -30°C, according to Mr. Jab Fan, Director of PHNIX House Heating and Hot Water Division, and Mr. Floyd Fang, PHNIX Product manager.

          The applications of PHNIX house heating + hot water heat pump in China.


About PHNIX HeatPlus Heat Pump Series

Maintains a 4.68 High COP By incorporating green refrigerant, heat exchanger with innovative technology and circulating heating principle, PHNIX HeatPlus Series is capable of maintaining a 4.68 high COP during operation and has acquired the first class energy label, which means it can cut more than 15% of running expenses annually for the users.


Colorful Touch LCD Display PHNIX HeatPlus heat pump series' 5-inch wire-controlled LCD display has more powerful functions, such as water temperature curve display, easy timing, one key mute, mute timer and so on. It has several control modes and the operation is much easier. PHNIX smart colorful touch LCD display will undoubtedly give users a better experience.


A High Cost-effective Solution The price of PHNIX HeatPlus heat pump series is 20% lower than that of similar products in the market, and it is the perfect solution for hot water and house heating (with PHNIX water fan coil).



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