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PHNIX to promote large-scale heat pump heating solutions in northwestern China

2018.01.06Guangzhou, China

GUANGZHOU, China, 6th January, 2018 - "PHNIX heat pump house heating project of an office building of the government of Jiayuguan City was completed a week ago marking the end of a stage of PHNIX hundreds of heat pump house heating projects in northwestern China in the past three years." said Mr. Yuannian Ji, product manager in charge of PHNIX heat pump business in Northwest China. The house heating solution of the office building adopts PHNIX HeatPro series units that meets the extremely cold weather conditions in the western region in China. The local winter temperatures in Jiayuguan are usually as low as -20 ° C.

During the past three years, PHNIX has been extensively promoting the application of heat pump house heating solution in northwest China and it has completed the building energy-saving renovation for hundreds of hospitals, schools, shopping malls and hotels in the local area. PHNX heat pump solution distinctly adopts a thermal storage tank that utilizes peak-valley electricity to minimize operating costs. Some experts at PHNIX introduced that for one heating season in Northwest China, the total cost of PHNIX heat pump heating is as low as 15RMB per square meter which is much less than that of boiler heating.

The picture shows a PHNIX house heating heat pump project in Wuwei, Gansu Province.

There is a harsh climatic condition in Northwest China and the long winter is generally cold and dry. The traditional winter heating method is mainly coal burning and even wood burning in northwestern China. With the development of heat pump technology, professional heat pump manufacturers like PHNIX has successfully promoted the heat pump house heating solution in these cold areas in recent years. In the past two sales years, PHNIX has sold tens of thousands of HeatPro series house heating heat pumps in Northwest China, according to Mr. Yuannian Ji.

About PHNIX's Low-Temp. Heat Pump HeatPro Series

Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) technology PHNIX series heat pump water heaters feature a wide operating temperature range; the unit can reach a high water temperature of 55~65˚C even in cold climates ranging from -20˚C to 45˚C, both in new buildings and boiler replacements.

Environmental Friendly R410A Refrigerant PHNIX has now developed a complete product line for R410A, obtaining significant benefits for the heat pump system using this refrigerant. Due to the adoption of green refrigerant, high efficient heat exchangers and circulating heating method, PHNIX heat pump water heaters features a higher COP of 4.67.

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