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New Generation of Hero series House Heating and Hot Water Heat Pump Emerges as A New Standard in The Heat Pump Industry


GUANGZHOU, China, Sep. 5, 2018—PHNIX is launching an augmented generation of Hero series for integrated application of house heating and hot water supply. One ground-breaking step forward is that a new model is added into this series which, in turn is part of PHNIX marketing programme 2018. One goal of this programme is to offer PHNIX cooperative partners an ever-broadening array of inverter heat pump house heating and hot water solution which is suitable for wider application, in a way to better support their market development. Particularly, as to quickly responds to the feedback from the markets, the progranmme stresses on improvement of user experience, so the existing electric control system is greatly improved, which is believed to lead to a new growth phase of heat pump house heating and hot water application.

(New Hero Series Family)

Unlike the “old” Hero series, new Hero series adopts a new wire controller, which is a 5 inch smart colorful touch display, applicable to RS485 communication. Moreover, the controller is designed to be installed on the wall, which is easier to operate and more user friendly.

“As PHNIX is always pursuing perfection and mastery, new Hero series is built with many fine details and innovated technologies.” according to Mr. Peter Wang, Deputy General Manager in charge of PHNIX global overseas business.

About PHNIX New Hero Series Family

MISUBISHI Compressor

The application of an improved compressor and inverter technology synergies is a crucial element for the unit to be a top performer which ensures high efficiency and stable running.

Finned Heat Exchanger

The finned heat exchanger uses riffled copper tube and louvered fins greater airflow distribution which greatly improve the units’ heating efficiency.

Intelligent Defrosting Technology

New Hero Series intelligent defrosting uses the pressure sliding defrosting technology to figure out the exact defrosting time and start pressure according to the real ambient temperature. It saves energy and makes the heat pump work in high efficiency.

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