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Governments'Promotion Means great opportunities for PHNIX heat pumps In Europe

2018.12.07GUANGZHOU, China

GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 6, 2018 -- A team of PHNIX's senior managers in product sales and marketing has just returned from Europe. According to Mr. Jab Fan, the leader in charge of the European market study and customers visiting this time, the PHNIX drying heat pump has a good application prospect in Europe from the European industry exhibitions and the discussion of key business partners and local new trend of heat pump applications.

The PHNIX team visited some key business partners in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Greece. And they were invited to visit a few production workshops and R&D centers of some local manufacturers of hot water and house heating products. At the same time, the team visited the EIMA International 2018 and the Energy-decentral expo in Germany, mastered the first-hand new information from European heat pump application.

The picture shows PHNIX team visited Energy-decentral expo in Hanover, Germany.

In fact, in the last year or two, the promotion of heat pump applications in Europe and the governments’ energetic policy on new energy including heat pumps are indeed impressive. For example, in the Netherlands, the government forced the introduction of new energy applications, including heat pumps, requiring the elimination of gas heating equipment within 13 years or so. Therefore, the mainstream customers in the Netherlands hope to have more bulk purchases of PHNIX's energy-efficient heat pump products. In agricultural field, PHNIX agricultural heat pump dryer, which can be widely used for the agricultural products, including the drying of fresh fruits, forage, nuts, flower products, and food products, has an encouraging application prospects, according to Mr. Jab Fan.

During the visiting of the Italian EIMA International 2018 and the Energy-decentral expo in Germany, the PHNIX team conducted a very meaningful discussion with local exhibitors and buyers who have special applications for heat pumps. For example, some farmers hope to further save energy and reduce consumption during the drying process of forage, so that energy-efficient heat pump products can become a substitute for gas boilers. In addition, due to the common application of biogas in Europe, PHNIX heat pump has a good application prospect in the dehumidification drying process of biogas producing.

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