Pioneer Series ABS Pool Heat Pump

With complete range of models from 4kW to 23kW, PHNIX PIONEER SERIES ABS Pool Heat Pump is widely welcomed in global markets. In the working process of absorbing free heat from the air and transferring it to water, this series of heat pumps ensures constant and stable pool water temperature for you.

Cost Effective

PHNIX PIONEER SERIES achieves its best performance in summer. The COP of this series is as high as 5.3 at working condition of 24°C/19°C (DB/WB), which saves you at least 80% energy compared with traditional electric swimming pool heating.

 ABS pool heat pump COP

Multiple Models

PHNIX PIONEER SERIES contains 9 models ranging from 4kW to 23kW, users can make their favorite choice for a perfect energy saving swimming pool heating application.

 ABS pool heat pump models

Touch LCD Display

Equipped with LCD Touch Display of clear control UI, this series of pool heat pumps provides users easy control experience and provides the units fine decoration.

 ABS pool heat pump display

Core Strength

 ABS pool heat pump coil exchanger

2 Titanium Coils Exchanger

Patented Two Titanium Coils Heat Exchanger features extended work area with higher efficiency

 ABS pool heat pump water valve

Electric Expansion Valve

Smartly adjust the refrigeran-t flow rate, the units are sure to work with high efficiency at all time.

 ABS pool heat pump air exchanger

Ripple Fin Air Exchanger

Heat exchanging surface extended, heat exchanging effect is improved and the risk of frosting is reduced.

 ABS pool heat pump pressure protection

Pressure Protection

With high/low pressure protection, heat pumps are protected at bad working conditions.

 ABS pool heat pump water flow switch

Water Flow Switch

The water flow switches designed by PHNIX are with high sensitivity feature.


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    Pioneer Series ABS Pool Heat Pump

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