Ultra-thin Water Fan Coil

Compared with the traditional heating radiators, PHNIX Ultra-thin Water Fan Coils can save more than 30% energy consumption. The advanced control makes well-proportioned temperature distribution and people feel more comfortable. When combined with heat pump units, the fan coil units can meet different heating or cooling requirements. With low noise of 25dB(A) and ultra-thin casing of 130mm, the units stand out from the terminal markets.

Super Quiet

The use of cross-flow fans combined with new wind-guiding technology makes the units possess lower noise, thus people can enjoy a healthier and more comfortable sleep.


Ultra-thin Casing

Thanks to the special structure design inside, PHNIX Ultra-thin Fan Coils of 130mm thickness casing compared with that of the common fan coils(generally of 250mm),save more space for your room.

Ultra-thin casing

High Efficiency

Heating capacity of the fan coil units is twice higher than that of the common radiators. As the heat is averagely distributed to the rooms, the units can save 30% energy consumption compared with the common heating radiators.

High efficiency

Easy Installation

The units are flexible to install wherever you want because of their varied installation ways. There are three methods for you to choose the one best fits for your home: ceiling mounted, floor standing or wall mounted.

Easy installation

Smart Control

We provide different types of controllers for your option. You can choose the controller with control buttons which is the easiest way for operation. You can also select the advanced one with touch screen or directly use the remote controller to control the units. The fan coils can also be controlled by your wall thermostat, which is another convenient way for controlling.Moreover, RS485 communication is now available for users. Centralized control can be realized for fan coils based on modbus protocol.

Smart control

More Models, More Choices

1. We provide totally five different sizes in different casings. You can pick the one which best meets your room heating/cooling requirement.

More models,more choices

2.We provide different nice looking water fan coils. Except the classic one with white galvanized casing, we also offer units with black/white glass panel design which can perfectly match with your room decorations.

 water fan heat pump application

Creative and Detail-oriented

heat pump PCB

PHNIX multi-functional PCB can communicate with the wall thermostat, control the heat pump or boiler ON/OFF, and switch heating/cooling mode.

3-way valve

The units run stably with adoption of 3-way motorized valve which can improve the power utilization and reduce the energy consumption largely.

Brushless fan motor

The brushless fan motors make the units possess lower noise and higher speed in operation.

Heat exchanger

Copper tube/aluminum fin coil with hydrophilic coating heat exchanger ensures the units’ higher efficiency and a longer service life.

Superior quality cross flow fan

Superior quality cross-flow fan brings the units big air volume and low noise.

Active carbon filter net

The active carbon filter net inside the unit not only can isolate the poisonous gases and refresh the air, but also is easy for cleaning.




Polaris EVI heat pump solutions

This solution is specially designed for residential use. PHNIX Ultra-thin Fan Coils cooperating with PHNIX Heat Pumps provide heating and cooling for the families. The advantages of ultra-thin design, elegant appearance together with super quiet feature provide a fashionable and comfortable life for you.

phnix Polaris EVI heat pump application


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    PHNIX Ultra-thin Water Fan Coil

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