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Photos Shooting at Pools Using PHNIX Pool Heaters

2015.12.08Guangzhou, China

As the world's leadingprofessional heat pump manufacturer, PHNIX particularly has been renowned inthe swimming pool heat pump technologies throughout the industry. Swimming poolheat pump is PHNIX’ biggest selling product lines exported to markets outsideof China. All the time PHNIX attaches importance to the overseas markets and atthe same time, also do its best for the local market in China, and doeverything possible to meet the needs of the high-end customer groups in China.PHNIX has constructed hundreds of pool sample projects in the east and south ofChina in recent years .

PHNIX, local agents andusers in China has established a long-term friendly relations of cooperation,such as “The Times South Bay” developer in Guangzhou city. Because of the highquality of PHNIX swimming pool heat pump, the constant temperature pool hasbeen as a beautiful landscape in the residential community of “The Times SouthBay”. Recently, at the gracious invitation of “The Times South Bay”, PHNIX’sphoto shooting activity is conducted at the pools using PHNIX swimming poolheat pump.

"The Times South Bay " pool projectis one of many sample projects in China. "The Times South Bay "is atthe Gangqian Avenue beside the Nansha Port, back to the Huangshanlu Forest Park.In addition, "The Times South Bay" is around Nansha golf course with advancedfacilities and a very large natural lake with the deepen and clear water.

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