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PHNIX R32 EVI Heat Pump For Both Hot Water and House Heating Changes the Game

2018.06.28Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou, China, 27th June ,2018- PHNIX, the largest heat pump manufacturer and marketer of water heaters and house heating heat pump in China, launched a series of heat pump to the market recently, named Heatpro Plus, an upgraded version of Heatpro series, specially designed for house heating and hot water, meanwhile integrated with the most promising R32 refrigerant and cutting-edge EVI technology.

“Because they move heat rather than generate heat, PHNIX R32 EVI Heat Pump can provide equivalent space conditioning at as little as one quarter of the cost of operating conventional heating or cooling appliance and at the same time produce hot water which further improve its energy efficiency.” PHNIX senior manager of R&D department, Mr.Liu Yuanhui comments. “ For the double functions that the unit brings with it as well as is money saving , energy saving and eco-friendly, we are confidently recommend it to the market and believe in its great potential and competiveness .”


PHNIX has been focused on developing energy saving and green energy solutions, so she keeps working on improving the efficiency and performance of her heat pump products. R32 EVI Heat Pump is her recent creation. The heat pump has the capability to bring about enormous energy savings to the users and is designed to be very environmental friendly. The R32 EVI Heat Pump is believed to guide a new way of selection of energy saving heat pump for hot water and house heating.


PHNIX R32 EVI Heat Pump


The HeatPro Plus heat pump is developed for sanitary hot water supply and house heating \cooling.



The HeatPro Plus can work together with radiators and water fan coils meanwhile achieving a high  COP  of up to 4.68. 


EVI technology

The EVI technology adopted in the unit make it possible to operate under a wide range of operating temperature from -30˚C to 45˚C and as well providing   9˚C-60˚C outlet water.


R32 Refrigerant

The HeatPro Plus heat pump adopts R32 green refrigerant . R32 refrigerant is currently the most promising refrigerant in the industry. It is a perfect alternative as to the EU’s HFCS phase-down quota policy.


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