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Prize of 2018 China Heating and Cooling Wisdom Manufacture-Who’s got it?

2018.09.18GUANGZHOU, China

GUANGZHOU, China, Sep. 18, 2018—On September 13, 2018 China Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Industry Development Summit and China Heating/Cooling Wisdom Manufacture Award Ceremony was held in Beijing, China. Around 400 elites from government, colleges and universities as well as representatives of enterprises from HVAC industry attended this event.

After reviewed by experts from the government, notable colleges and universities, official data study organizations and industry medias, Prize of 2018 China Heating and Cooling Wisdom Manufacture, the most important prize in the conference, is awarded to PHNIX, DAIKIN, Vaillant, Gree, Midea among a hundred of candidates.

In the conference, general manager of Intelligent Control branch company of PHNIX, Mr. David Xu offered a speech called PHNIX Intelligent Home Making Life More Wonderful. LINKEDGO thermostat, the smart controller and core product which is small but full of groundbreaking designs to bring home extraordinary comfort, become the key of the speech.

“This award affords us the opportunity to step up efforts aimed at evaluating the current research and development on our existing heat pump product. Direction of Innovation of heat pump product for house heating, pool heating and hot water supply should be shift to combination with machine self-learning and adjustment for more energy savings, new environmental gas solution, artificial intelligent to jointly make it a success. “David said, “Home comfort combined with our LINKEDGO thermostat is our first step for heat pump product upgrade and we have even higher pursuits.”

LINKEDGO Thermostat

LINKEDGO thermostat can be integrated with the whole HVAC system in a household including central air conditioning, floor heating, ventilation, air purification, domestic hot water and water purification, by using centralized control system for detection and self-adjustment, and adopting creative technology, such as Internet of Things and Robot Automatic Learning Algorithms, to create a home system of constant temperature, humidity, oxygen content and purification, and on the other hand less energy consumption and easy comfort.

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