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2018 Booming Sales Season Facilitates Popularity of Air Source Heat Pump Products

2018.09.29GUANGZHOU, China

GUANGZHOU, China, Sep. 29, 2018—The fourth quarter has always known as the peak season among heat pump manufactures in China. From September on, large leading heat pump manufactures, such as PHNIX, has welcomed its busiest manufacturing season. And shipment has already surged sharply in the beginning of this quarter.

Chinese heat pump manufactures have witnessed incredible growth in heat pump industry both at home and abroad. A year-on-year growth in inbound sales volume released by some official data organization has encouraged heat pump products to accelerate its popularity in the global.

Particularly, in China, Coal to Electric Heating Reform put forward by government is carried out in full swing. Chinese heat pump manufactures closely follow the rule-of-game and has taken advantage of the favorable policies which set up to support the reform, such as 90% subsidy for the heat pump equipment, electricity price subsidy for whole winter season.

Some main heat pump manufactures act quickly in responds to this wave of heat pump. For example, PHNIX, a leading heat pump manufacture in China, have enhanced efforts in promoting their heat pump house heating product using both online and offline campaigns in a move to improve awareness of high efficient and environmental friendly house heating source among household in different region of the world.

During the peak season, manufactures launch various new heat pump products to attract attentions from customers. PHNIX specially develops and releases the third generation ultra-low temperature series -- DC Inverter EVI Split Type P Series Heat Pump to support cooperative partner to win the market.

PHNIX Split Inverter EVI Heat Pump

The lowest stable running ambient temperature is -35°C, and the maximum outlet water temperature can be as high as 65°C without electric heating.

Adopting DC inverter EVI compressor, together with technology of Steplles Inverter, Intelligent Slide Defrosting and Multiple Noise Level Decreasing, the heat pumps can realize significant energy saving. What’s more, the units are equipped with RS485 remote terminal, enabling intelligent remote control.

In condition of ambient temperature (DB/WB) of -12°C/-14°C and water temperature (Inlet/Outlet) of -/41°C, the COP of the heat pumps are higher than 2.3, with maximum up to 2.44. At ambient temperature of -20°C and without electric heating, the COP and IPLV(H) of the units are higher than 1.8 and 3.0 respectively.

Split Type Design: It’s convenient and flexible for installation, and it can prevent water pipes and plate heat exchangers from being frozen when ambient temperature is over low during winter.

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