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PHNIX Heat Pump Energy-saving Solutions Are Popular in Southwest China

2018.10.11GUANGZHOU, China

GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 8, 2018 -- According to latest report from PHNIX China Marketing Center, PHNIX wins the bid for the heat pump energy-saving renovation project (heat pump house heating/cooling plus heat pump hot water) of Chongqing Ziyue Hotel which is completed as scheduled and has been delivered recently.

In recent years, PHNIX has made great achievements on  promotion of heat pump applications in Southwest China, including Chongqing, winning nearly 200 schools, hospitals and hotels. The heat pump energy-saving renovation project of the newly completed Chongqing Ziyue Hotel is just one of the many projects PHNIX has won. PHNIX heat pump energy-saving solutions are popular for their individualized design, costeffectiveness and superior low-temperature performance, according to Mr. Huang Xiaopeng,  sales manager in charge of PHNIX business in Southwest China.

Chongqing Ziyue Hotel is located in the scenic area of“land of stone carvings” which is known as the World Cultural Heritage. The hotel has 113 theme suites which requires a complete system to meet the room's demand for summer cooling, winter house heating and daily hot water supply  of 25 tons, and low operating costs. The project is designed with 8 high-efficiency air source heat pump units to meet the demand. Two of the units are full-heat recovery air source heat pumps, which can recover all the heat discharged into the air during the cooling of the room in the summer to heat the domestic hot water. At this time, the heat for domestic hot water is obtained free of charge.

Mr. Huang Xiaopeng said that the advantages of PHNIX's application solutions are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Efficient and energy-saving:the PHNIX heat pump units with the sprinkler systems are selected to meet the standard of national first-class energy efficiency. When the unit is in heat recovery process, domestic hot water can be produced free of charge during summer cooling. Therefore, the comprehensive operation cost is lower.

Zero emissions:PHNIX air source heat pump units do not emit any toxic and harmful gases and are more environmentally friendly.

Multi-level energy regulation:When the load changes, the unit can automatically adjust the number of units to work. When the load is low, a small device can be turned on to meet the high energy consumption phenomenon of the traditional air conditioning system.

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