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Heat Pump Factories Get Busy As The Largest Trade Fair in China Opens

2018.10.18GUANGZHOU, China

GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 17, 2018---The largest trade fair in China -Canton Fair is opening these days in Guangzhou. Company representatives who attend the fair would take the chance to visit factories that interest them and cooperative partners in China for annual reviews and new year plans. Same as every year during this period, Chinese factories would welcome its busiest reception days. According to reports from PHNIX, the largest heat pump factory in China, PHNIX receives nearly 20 groups of guests from different countries this week.

On October 17, general managers Mr. Yaron, along with 3 chief representatives from Oran come to PHNIX for annual visit and meeting. Oran, founded in 1937, is the largest company in Israel on supply and installation of central heating, air conditioning, water heating and energy saving systems. Oran has a long cooperative relationship with PHNIX on heat pump products for over 10 years. Furthermore, the Co-brand cooperation agreement signed between the two companies deepened their relationship and brought their cooperation to a higher level.

(Photo in PHNIX with Oran representatives)

Oran’s  visit was part of the regular communication and annual review of the win-win cooperation strategy with PHNIX and was intended to be as a follow-up to the new marketing trends and changes against new economic environment, current cooperation details on heat pump products categories and service systems customized to support Israeli market.

Moreover, during the visit, the two companies put forward some new cooperation ideas for 2019 including Co-exhibition in Aclima in Israel , introduction of new heat pump categories, for example, new KK series for house heating, especially model K30T and K35T, HeatMax series for high temperature heat pump water heater. After a detailed discussion, cooperation plans with PHNIX was basically confirmed.

(Sample Project of Co-brand ORAN&PHNIX in Israel)

“Our marketing strategies will be matched against identified goals and we believe with the further cooperation in 2019 with PHNIX on marketing development, Oran can better exploit the Israel market” said Mr. Yaron, general manager of Oran.

About PHNIX New KK Series Heat Pump

KK Series Heat Pumps are highly efficient on heating and cooling applications.
The use of green refrigerant R410A are more eco-friendly and perform perfectly even under low ambient temperature of -15 oC.
The units are space saving, quiet running, and simple to install which only requires water pipe and electric wire for connections.
This series is cost effective and suitable for heating and cooling for apartment and villas.
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