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New PHNIX Agricultural Heat Pump Dryer Application Solution to Launch in Europe

2018.11.06GUANGZHOU, China

GUANGZHOU, China, Nov. 6, 2018 -- PHNIX, China's largest exporter of heat pumps to Europe, said recently that it will launch a new heat pump drying solution for European agriculture, which will meet the needs of users in the drying of food, fruit, wood and other products. For many years PHNIX has been exporting household heating pumps and pool heating pump products to the European market through OEM/ODM cooperation agreements, according to Mr. Jab Fan, Director of PHNIX House Heating and Heat Pump Drying Division.

PHNIX heat pump dryer series specially developed for the European agricultural field can be automatically adjusted between 15°C to 60°C, an environmentally friendly piece of equipment that does not produce any harmful substances that would affect drying fruits and seafood and will not cause any discoloration or deformation when drying wood. Some of new partners in Europe have shown strong interest in PHNIX's heat pump dryers. In fact, PHNIX's multi-series heat pump dryers have many successful applications in China and Southeast Asia, said Mr. Jab Fan.

The applications of PHNIX Agricultural heat pump dryer in China

About PHNIX Agriculture Heat Pump Dryer

Wide range of applications: PHNIX heat pump dryer can be widely used in the agricultural field, including the drying of fresh fruits, nuts, flower products, and food products, and storage and drying of crop seeds. Additionally, the unit can also be used for drying seafood and even wood and building materials.

Efficient and energy-saving: The unit recovers a large amount of waste heat released to the outside during dehumidifying by heat exchange with a heat recovery efficiency of over 60%. This reduces power consumption by more than 60% compared with traditional electric heating and drying equipment. The energy efficiency ratio is as high as 3.8.

Automatic temperature control: PHNIX heat pump unit contains a self-controlled constant temperature device to ensure reasonable temperature and humidity required for drying. The unit also has a 7-inch industrial liquid crystal display, which sets different drying curves and realizes one-key intelligent management.

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