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China Heat Pump Technology Receives Big Attention on 2018 International Pool Spa Patio Expo

2018.11.10Las Vegas, US

Las Vegas, US, Nov. 6, 2018 – China heat pump technology receives big attention on the just-finished 2018 International Pool Spa Patio Expo at Las Vegas, NV. PHNIX, a leading heat pump manufacturer from China, presents its new-launched swimming pool heat pump products - Turbo Series Inverter Pool Heat Pump and Glass Panel Heat Pump Dehumidifier on the expo.

Despite the increased high tariff caused by Sino-US trade friction, cost-effective pool products from China are still highly demanded by companies from North American countries such as Canada, United States, Mexico, and even some countries from Central America as well as South America.

The Turbo Series Inverter Pool Heat Pump and Glass Panel Heat Pump Dehumidifier exhibited by PHNIX stands out on the expo due to their features as follows:

Turbo Series Inverter Pool Heat Pump

  1. Bigger cabinet, bigger models – Turbo series has extended models as big as nearly 118,000 BTU so as to satisfy the requirement from North American market.
  2. High speed heating – With full inverter technology, the series can quickly heat up the pool and keep constant water temperature for users’ trouble-free swimming.

  3. Easy operation display – Equipped with a 5-inch color touch display, users can easily control the running mode, timer, and silent mode of the heat pump and even they can operate all the functions via the app on the cellphone.

Heat Pump Dehumidifier

  1. Super silent running – We adopt DC fan motors for air circulating which makes the units working as silent as 44-47dB(A).
  2. Elegant ultra-thin Cabinet - The dehumidifier features a glass panel and an ultra-thin casing of 200mm thickness, making it looks as an elegant decoration in your house and requiring little spaces for installation.

  3. Easy Installation – Just plug in a socket and turn on, the unit starts to work without installing any pipes or spare parts.

The photo shows the 2 new products of PHNIX

In addition, some of PHNIX side air-vent design pool heat pumps including Boost series (inverter) and Pioneer series (fixed-speed) are highly attractive and fill the market gaps in North America.

As the only China heat pump supplier on the expo, PHNIX has reached close communication with local professional distributors during the expo, which will undoubtedly accelerate future cooperation and sales for both sides.

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