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PHNIX Pool Heat Pump Production Lines Run at Full Capacity to Ensure End-of-year Delivery

2018.12.17GUANGZHOU, China

GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 15, 2018 -- All of PHNIX's production lines, located in Guangzhou production base, are running at full capacity to ensure the delivery of over 23,000 pool heat pumps for European and North American customers in the next three weeks.

The picture shows PHNIX R32 inverter pool heat pumps on the production line(1)

In general, for PHNIX, the last month of each year is a very busy production and delivery season. But in this year, PHNIX is particularly busy, and the production lines face a rare full-load operating pressure, because PHNIX’s products are popular in some key markets such as Europe and North America, on the other hand, there are too many orders for residential heat pumps in China domestic market, according to PHNIX Overseas Department and Production Department.

The picture shows PHNIX R32 inverter pool heat pumps on the production line(2)

At present, the largest shipments of PHNIX are mainly medium and high-end inverter swimming pool heat pumps, of which R32 inverters heat pumps’ account for about one-third of the output. Judging from the current orders from major markets, the R32 inverter swimming pool machine has become one of the main models in the market. PHNIX will also put more resources into the research and development of high-end R32 swimming pool units. The biggest demand for PHNIX high-end swimming pool inverter heat pumps are Europe and North America, and now the most urgent delivery is mainly in these two regions, according to Mr. Howard Zhang, PHNIX International Sales Supervisor, in charge of swimming pool products.

About PHNIX R32 Inverter Pool Heat Pumps

CE certification: PHNIX R32 series pool inverter heat pump is CE certified. It certifies that the R32 series heat pump operates safely and reliably.

Smart Colorful Touch Display: Unlike normal inverter pool heat pumps, PHNIX R32 Inverter Heat Pump Series' 5-inch wire-controlled LCD display has many powerful functions, such as a water temperature and power consumption display, easy timing, one-key mute, and mute timer. It has several control modes and is easy to operate, undoubtedly giving users a better experience.

WiFi Smart app Control: With PHNIX's Smart App users can easily control the heat pump from anywhere at any time. The PHNIX app is powerful and easy to use, and it provides users with a unique experience.

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