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PHNIX Launched Specialized Design Swimming Pool Heat Pump to North-America Market

2019.01.17GUANGZHOU, China

GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 16, 2019 –Early planning is the key success. As a new year begins, PHNIX, the major provider in China of swimming pool heat pump heating solution, localized and launched a specialized design swimming pool heat pump to the North America market.

Based on the new trends of the full DC-inverter technology applied in pool heating equipment and the new requirements from local end users, the North-America series swimming pool heat pump focuses on better efficiency, user-friendly smart control technology and higher safety level.

“Despite the increased high tariff caused by Sino-US trade friction, North American countries such as Canada, United States, Mexico, and some countries from Central America are still full of potential and on our list of key market in 2019. We will continue to support our cooperative partners in this regions with our best effort.” said Peter Wang, deputy general manager in charge of PHNIX overseas business.

The new North-America series swimming pool heat pump elaborates three major technical features. First, with full inverter technology, pool water temperature will be increased very fast, and can be maintained or controlled to as precise as 0.2 ℃ difference to target temperature. Once the target temperature is reached, the compressor will automatically lower its speed to lessen the power consumption to achieve an outstanding performance of energy saving.

Second, the series is with high safety level. It is certified with AHRI approval and carries ETL certification. What’s more, the heat pump is special designed with an advanced GFCI earth leakage protection system which is recognized as the pioneer of the pool heat pump industry. Under the protection system, the earth leakage can be controlled to as low as 2.0 mAh which has exceed the current industry level to effectively protect the users.

Third, PHNIX North-America series swimming pool heat pump is destined to be future-oriented. Not only R410A refrigerant is available for the heat pump but also the new gas solution eco-friendly R32 refrigerant can be selected and applied in the unit.

PHNIX’s launching of the special North-America series dedicates itself to providing cooperative partners in North-America countries with quality, competitive and high safety level products, which also expresses PHNIX’s persistence in consumer success and long-term cooperation.

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