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PHNIX to Adjust Overseas Heat Pump Business Modules And to Vow to Further Improve Delivery

2019.01.28GUANGZHOU, China

GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 28, 2019 -- On the beginning of the new fiscal year of 2019, PHNIX made major adjustments to the global marketing structure, while also adjusting various business modules such as domestic heat pump hot water and industrial heat pump special applications. In an interview with the media, Mr. Peter Wang, Deputy General Manager in charge of PHNIX global overseas business, said that PHNIX will provide more resources, including new products and technical training, to key global markets and the level distributors.

The picture shows new production line in PHNIX

Mr. Peter Wang also specifically informed the good news about PHNIX delivery. PHNIX has made continuous improvement in the delivery period for customers in recent months, and the delivery time of large orders to major business partners in Europe and America has been greatly improved. Currently, one week’s heat pump units delivery amount can be more than 10,000 units in PHNIX. Of course, PHNIX will further improve delivery and improve delivery efficiency to meet the needs of business partners all over the overseas markets.

In 2019, PHNIX will continue to support traditional key markets and emerging markets. PHNIX will pay attention to international and regional industry exhibitions, such as the German ISH, India ACREX and other professional exhibitions, then PHNIX's series of house heating heat pumps and new commercial hot water heat pumps products will be unveiled. In addition, PHNIX also plans to participate in the well-known exhibitions in the swimming pool industry in Europe and North America, as well as focusing on some expos in professional industrial and agricultural new energy applications. With the help of professional exhibitions, PHNIX energy-saving and environmentally friendly heat pump application solutions will be promoted by then.

The picture shows PHNIX debuted on ISH in Germany

The pool heat pump business is one of PHNIX's most important business modules. In 2019, PHNIX is expected to launch more new products in key markets such as North America, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. Especially for the fist products like R32 inverter swimming pool heat pump, PHNIX will further increase the production capacity and fully guarantee the supply to key level distributors. It is expected that the shipment of PHNIX's high-end R32 inverter heat pump with CE certification and 5-inch Smart Colorful Touch Display, will soon account for 50% of the total overseas shipments.

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