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PHNIX Multi-series Domestic Heat Pump Water Heaters Debut at HVACR VIETNAM 2019

2019.03.26HO ChI MINH CITY, Vietnam,

HO ChI MINH CITY, Vietnam, March 25, 2019 -- “This is the second appearance of PHNIX at HVACR VIETNAM, and the presence here shows PHNIX's attitude – emphasizing on developing the growing emerging markets in Southeast Asia.” said Peter Wang, Deputy General Manager in charge of PHNIX global overseas business. Over the years, PHNIX has grown more and more users in Southeast Asia, and some of PHNIX new heat pump hot water solutions have been successfully applied in Southeast Asia. Of course, this time the exhibition structure of PHNIX at HVACR VIETNAM has been adjusted, the focus of this appearance is on the business modules of domestic water heater, commercial heat pump water heater, and heat pump water tank.

Especially, on the HVACR VIETNAM, the most powerful PHNIX lineup is domestic heat pump water heater series which includes three series of all-in-one heat pump, wall-mounted heat pump, smart heat pump boiler, etc. These new PHNIX heat pump products with popular appearance and versatile applications are favored by many buyers, according to Mr. Edward Zheng, PHNIX senior manager in charge of domestic heat pump water heater business.

The photo shows the part of PHNIX’ stand at HVACR VIETNAM

PHNIX highlights at HVACR VIETNAM --

PHNIX Domestic Heat Pump Water Heater  As a professional heat pump water heater manufacturer, PHNIX provides 4 kinds of domestic heat pump products, they are all-in-one heat pump water heaters, top-kits of heat pump water heaters, wall-mounted heat pumps and split heat pump water heaters. The units generally use well-known brand compressors,micro-channel heat coil and enamel water tank, and some of them meet European ErP test standard and reaches A++ energy level.

PHNIX Commercial and Industrial Heat Pump Water Heater HeatPlus Series PHNIX HeatPlus Heat Pump Water Heaters with 4.68 high COP during operation have acquired the first class energy label and provide sufficient and stable hot water for commercial and industrial use. Users can also apply the solution with a solar panel, so as to reach a more energy-saving effect. PHNIX HeatPlus heat pump series’ 5-inch wire-controlled LCD display has many powerful functions, such as water temperature curve display, easy timing, one-key mute, mute timer and so on. The price of PHNIX HeatPlus series is 15~20% lower than that of similar products in the market.

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