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PHNIX Launches New Energy-saving Heat Pump Heating and Cooling Solution for Greenhouse Application

2019.04.25Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou, China, April 25, 2019 – Energy is an important pillar in greenhouse cultivation industry. PHNIX is always on the lookout for innovative heat pump systems or application that help save energy. After years of effort, PHNIX has developed an impressive greenhouse integrated energy-saving solutions which through a series of experiments and many successful sample projects in China, proved to be a lot more energy efficient than traditional heater such as gas, oil, electricity and wood.

“PHNIX Heat pumps are an ingenious system for heating and cooling greenhouses in an energy-efficient way. The amount of energy needed to power the heat pump for heating or cooling a greenhouse project is only 1/6 of the output, which greatly reduce energy costs for users. For many greenhouse cultivation companies, the heat pump is a profitable alternative to traditional heating and cooling techniques.” said Mr. Jab Fan, Director of PHNIX Heating/Cooling and Heat Pump Drying Division.

PHNIX aims at ushering a new era for greenhouse heating and cooling in cultivation industry with modern energy efficient heat pump. PHNIX will firstly launch the product to European market and conduct a wide range of market promotion to help grow the market. What’s more, PHNIX plans to bring the super greenhouse heat pump to showcase at the coming tradeshow in Europe this year, according to Mr. Jab Fan.

About PHNIX Super Greenhouse Heat Pump

Up to 50% Energy Savings

After years of experiment at PHNIX sample project in southern China Yunnan province, the Super Greenhouse Heat Pump is proved to be very energy efficient compared with heaters such as gas, oil, electricity, and wood and is able to save up to 50% operating costs compared with conventional heating method.

Water Saving

The Super Greenhouse Heat Pump is designed with a closed water system which recycles and circulates the use of water during operation to lessen the consumption. It effectively saves water compared with water source heat pump.

A unique solution of heat recovery and a COP 6.0

When the unit is in the smart cooling mode (28℃ air inlet), it will perform heat recovery and produce hot water at the same time and can maintain the water temperature of the tank at 40℃. At this time, the unit can achieve a COP of up to 6.0.

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