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PHNIX Announces the Release of the 4G-DTU Control Technology

2019.05.20Guangzhou, China

GUANGZHOU,China, May 17, 2019—PHNIX, the NO.1 exporter of swimming pool heat pump in China has announced its release of the 4G- DTU control technology, the latest industry-leading swimming pool heat pump control technology with incomparable stability , user experience and data transferring capability.

As a professional swimming pool heat pump manufacturer, PHNIX provides its cooperative partners with the fullest range of customizable heat pump models, multiple choice of display design as well as the most cutting-edge control technology. Following the release of the smart App control technology last year, PHNIX again launch to market 4G-DTU control technology to be an additional option of previous Wi-Fi connection, which highlights superior pool-owner experience makes swimming pool heat pump control even more user-friendly.

“We offer two options of our swimming pool heat pump connection for data transferring, which are Wi-Fi and 4G-DTU . 4G-DTU can achieve automatic data transferring as long as the module is powered on, which help increase the device online rate to an unprecedented level of 90%. Moreover, with the powerful 4G server set up in Europe, the 4G signal can always maintain stable and strong. All these advantages benefit to central platform management which can realize instant heat pump management for any errors, failures and data analysis and effectively save the manpower cost during the after service period.” introduced by Tina Wang, senior sales manager of PHNIX swimming pool heat pump business.

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DTU is a module, with a control board inside, installed in PHNIX swimming pool heat pump. With one SIM card rooted into the DTU module, the heat pump can be connected to Internet with 4G Mobile signal automatically. Then all the data of the heat pump will be transferred to the Cloud (server).

Easy Connection

Under 4G-DTU connection, users can easily connect your swimming pool heat pump with your App on your smart phone by scanning a QR code.

2/3/4G Coverage

Not only the DTU module can be connected to 4G signal, it can also be connected to 2G and 3G when the 4G signal is weak or place that are not covered with 4G signal.

Suitable to Previous Inverter heat pump

Previous inverter heat pump without 4G-DTU function can also be upgraded with DTU function.

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