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PHNIX launches New Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater with High Cost-effectiveness -- Specifically for the Indian market for the first time

2019.05.31GUANGZHOU, China

GUANGZHOU, China, May. 29, 2019 -- In recent years, with the deepening cooperation between PHNIX and emerging markets such as India, PHNIX has made some major adjustments in product development direction. For example, PHNIX's recent commercial heat pump water heater specially developed for the Indian market is a decisive attempt. Mr. Peter Wang, Deputy General Manager in charge of PHNIX global overseas business, recently said in an exclusive interview with the media at ISH China & CIHE 2019. In addition to ensuring energy saving and environmental protection, the HeatStar series for Indian market also shows outstanding cost-effectiveness advantages.

In the past several years, PHNIX heat pump water heater has been successfully applied in India and has been well received by local users. The HeatStar series, which was launched specifically for the Indian market, is the most cost-effective heat pump product PHNIX offered. The HeatStar series is around 30% lower than the price of similar products on the local market in India, according to Mr. Troy Wang, global sales supervisor of commercial heat pump water heaters in PHNIX.

The photo shows the applications of PHNIX Heat Pump water heaters in China

About PHNIX Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater HeatStar Series

A High Cost-effective Solution for the Indian Market

The price of PHNIX HeatStar heat pump series is around 30% lower than that of similar products in the market, and in India the A-level distributors can obtain up to 10-15% of the supply price discount.

A Excellent Energy Efficiency of COP 4.8

PHNIX HeatStar heat pump series with 4.8 high COP during operation have acquired the first class energy label,according to an authoritative third-party figures, the energy efficiency of this series is over 25% higher than that of the similar products in Indian market.

A Unique Smart Colorful Touch Display

PHNIX HeatStar heat pump series’ 5-inch wire-controlled LCD display has many powerful functions, such as water temperature curve display, easy timing, one-key mute, mute timer and so on. It has several control modes and the operation is much easier. PHNIX smart colorful touch display will undoubtedly give users a better experience.

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