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PHNIX Releases New Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump-Budget Series to The International Market

2019.07.04GUANGZHOU, China

GUANGZHOU, China, July. 4, 2019 – PHNIX, a well-known swimming heat pump manufacturer in China, constantly drives the field of swimming pool heat pump innovation by the introduction of new products to the international market. With strong R&D strength, the company has recently launched a new series of inverter swimming pool heat pump-Budget series which are specially designed with innovative internal structure creating excellent low noise running and high COP for incomparable cost-effectiveness.

“Budget Series is PHNIX new product combing the major features that the international market requires for the most. We believe that the perfect combination of its cost and the performance is very outstanding in the international swimming pool heat pump market and has surpassed a lot of heat pump manufacturers in China in the same field.”  said Tina Wang, senior sales manager of PHNIX swimming pool heat pump business.

Tina specially pointed out that for quieter running, PHNIX R&D team designed for the unit a new internal structure with carefully selected parts. Firstly, the system specially adopts compressor of the famous brand Misubish. Secondly, the compressor inside is wrapped by full sponge, which is a new noise reduction internal structure proved to be capable of effectively reducing the noise level. Thirdly, a new developed fan blade design is applied at the unit which makes it run even quieter. With the new design, the sound level of the unit at 1 meter is as low as 39dB(A) under silence mode.

The photo shows Budget Series

About PHNIX New Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump—Budget Series

High Work Efficiency of COP 12.5

With a leading and mature full inverter technology, the unit can reach a high COP of 12.5.


In order to facilitate the management and maintenance of the machine, PHNIX’s latest intelligent remote control technology-4G-DTU is available for this unit. Data transferring starts once it powered on.

Easy Maintenance Design

The unit uses the new Ruking-Emerson driver board with integrated and compact design. The board is installed upside-down in the heat pump which effectively help solve probelms such as water ponding and dust accumulation. Moreover, only one screw needed to be taken down during maintenance.

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