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PHNIX Introduces Fresh Air ERV System to the European Market

2019.07.16GUANGZHOU, China

GUANGZHOU, China, July 16, 2019----Fresh, clean air is essential to good health. But with today’s airtight construction techniques, excess humidity and airborne pollutants can easily get trapped in indoor air and lead to serious consequences for the structure of your home or business premises, and also do harm to human health. To solve the result such as mold, condensation, and other issues that caused by unhealthy indoor air, PHNIX specially developed Fresh air ERV System. And after years of successful application in China, the system is now ready for the international market.

“Ventilation solutions are the ideal way to ensure a continuous supply of fresh outside air to environment such as family household, office, store, or business premises. PHNIX ERV Fresh Air System lineup features a wide range of heat and energy recovery options, super silence running design and most advanced purification structure for optimum energy efficiency and comfort to different application occasions.” said Floyd Fong, senior sales manager of PHNIX heat pump house heating & cooling and fresh air ERV system division.

PHNIX Fresh Air ERV System provides proper ventilation by exhausting stale indoor air to the exterior, removes the airborne pollutants and reduce humidity to effectively enhance air quality and comfort for a healthier living environment.

The photo shows PHNIX Fresh Air ERV System

About PHNIX Fresh Air ERV System

High Purification

There are three layers of filter in the system which are primary aluminum alloy filter, medium F7 filter and H12 high efficiency filter that helps the purification performance to reach an optimal level.

Graphene Total Heat Exchanger

The total heat exchanger adopts non-polluting energy recovery technology to realize the energy transferring between the fresh air and discharging air. Thus, it reduces the indoor temperature loss caused by ventilation.

Advanced Porous Silencer

The porous silencing techniques adopts silencer with structure of 1mm holes and dissipative muffling method, which greatly lowers the running noise.

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