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PHNIX Aims to Help the European Cooperative Partners to Win in the Peak Season of Sales with the launching of All-In-One Heat Pump Water Heater

2019.08.02GUANGZHOU, China

Guangzhou, China, July 31, 2019—On July 15,2019, PHNIX launched the newest domestic all-in-one heat pump water heater to the European market. With the value-adding features and unrivaled performance, PHNIX is committed to helping European cooperative partners to win in the coming peak season of sales and make more profit.

The main promoted product in this season is the incredible all-in-one heat pump water heater. Its double energy system by air to water technology and smart electric heating integrated technology enable it to heat the water in a very short time in all seasons. Moreover, compared with traditional water heater, PHNIX all-in-one heat pump water heater only consumes 1/4 electric power which achieves excellent energy saving performance. So to sum up, PHNIX all-in-one heat pump water heater is pleasing in appearance, with smaller footprint, installation simple and easy to use.

“Because of its energy saving and environmental friendly features, air source heat pump water heater is considered as the fourth generation water heater for domestic application and the latest market trend. As a professional heat pump water heater manufacturer, apart from all-in-one heat pump water heater, we also develop 3 other kinds of heat pump water heaters for domestic application which are top-kit, external heat pump and split heat pump water heater.” Said Adward Zheng, senior sales manager of PHNIX domestic heat pump water heater division.

The picture shows the main promoted All-In-One Heat Pump Water Heater in European market

About PHNIX All-In-One Heat Pump Water Heater

Micro-channel Heat Coil

Micro-channel heat coil greatly enlarges the available contact surface between inner water tank and heat coil to enhance the performance of heat pump water heater. The COP of this kind of unit can reach to 3.2 based on EN16147.

Enamel Water Tank

The enamel is brushed inside the water tank which is of high corrosion resistance and of great pressure bearing. Because the enamel makes the welding line of the stainless panel separate with the water. That prolongs the working life for the unit.

Wi-Fi Remote Control System

Users can stay in touch with their water heater through their smart phone or with a web-connected device as PHNIX has developed the functional App, which can be compatible with IOS and Android system by just adding a simple Wi-Fi module to the unit.

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