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New PHNIX R32 Heat Pump Family to Be Unveiled on the Coming Global Expos

2019.09.28EDINBURGH, United Kingdom

EDINBURGH, UnitedKingdom, Sept. 25, 2019 -- PHNIX will begin a series of shows in the coming few weeks, including PISCINA & WELLNESS BARCELONA 2019, INTERCLIMA 2019, 2019 International Pool Spa Patio and other well-known professional expos, including the full range of PHNIX R32 Inverter Pool Heat Pumps will be unveiled. Mr. Peter Wang, Deputy General Manager in charge of PHNIX global overseas business, said in an interview with the media.

The photo shows PHNIX debuted on international expo.

Peter Wang expressed that some new heat pump products developed this year are becoming mainstream products in key regional markets, such as R32 inverter swimming pool heat pump, PHNIX R32 Inverter EVI House heating series. Due to the adjustment of PHNIX's global marketing structure and various business modules, for example, domestic heat pump hot water and industrial heat pump special applications business, PHNIX's market efficiency has been greatly improved. In addition, the great improvement of PHNIX delivery, it has formed a strong guarantee for the key business partners' market operation. The large-scale investment in our recent exhibitions and product training resources is also basically tilted towards our key markets and key business partners.

Highlights of New PHNIX heat pumps on the coming expos--

R32 Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump New PHNIX pool heat pumps have begun to adopt new gas solution of R32 on a large scale. Compared the swimming pool heat pumps with R410A refrigerant, the R32 heat pumps have a GWP of only one-third, so its environmental performance is even better. New PHNIX R32 series pool inverter heat pump achieves the EU CE certification as the first one in China.

PHNIX Heat Pump Water Heater As a professional heat pump water heater manufacturer, PHNIX provides 5 kinds of domestic heat pump products, they are all-in-one heat pump water heaters, top-kits of heat pump water heaters, water circulated heat pump water heaters, split type heat pump water heaters, smart heat pump boilers, and some of them meet European ErP test standard and reaches A++ energy level.

PHNIX R32 HeroPlus Series with A+++ ErP Level Reaching 60°C with exterior conditions at -30°C according to PHNIX certified laboratory, the unit can work efficiently through floor heating, water fan coils or radiators for heating/cooling and hot water. In the past year, PHNIX R32 Inverter EVI series have been successfully applied in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden. In the Nordic winter -25°C ambient temperature, PHNIX unit outlet water temperature reaches 55°.

New 4G-DTU Remote Controller PHNIX R32 inverter swimming pool series and domestic/commercial house heating heat pump series with a 4G-DTU module inside the control board which can connect to internet with 4G Mobile signal automatically. Then all the data of the heat pump will be transferred to the cloud (server) for sellers and users to easily control the heat pump and check the unit running condition.

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