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New PHNIX CO2 Inverter Pool Heat Pumps Series and R32 Inverter Series Release at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2019

2019.10.17Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain, Oct. 16th, 2019 -- PHNIX is attending the Piscina & Wellness Expo in Barcelona, Spain with its new CO2 Inverter Pool Heat Pumps Series and R32 Inverter Series, 4G DTU debut on site.

As one of the biggest exhibitors from China, PHNIX attracts a lot of visitors from Europe and nearby areas to come and discuss about the new products and technology. Many of them are quite interested in PHNIX new refrigerant swimming pool heat pumps including CO2 series and R32 inverter series, as well as the 4G DTU smart control technology. “PHNIX keeps making effort to develop and bring the best heat pumps and technology to our clients and the market. Therefore, every time we attend the international fairs, we listen to our clients carefully,” said Peter Wang, the overseas sales director and deputy general manager of PHNIX.

Technicians are introducing new products.

PHNIX R32 Inverter Pool Heat Pump Budget Series

Low Noise Running: The Mitsubishi compressor inside the unit is wrapped by full sponge which is a new noise reduction internal structure proved to effectively reduce sound level. And a new developed fan blade design is applied at the heat pump which makes the unit run even quieter. As a result, the sound level of the unit at 1 meter is as low as 39dB(A) under silence mode.

4G-DTU Smart Control Technology: In order to facilitate the management and maintenance of the machine, PHNIX’s latest intelligent remote control technology of 4G-DTU is available for this unit. With an APP on the cellphone, users can control the heat pump wherever they are. Once it boots, data transfer starts.

Easy Maintenance Design: The unit uses the new Ruking Emerson driver board with integrated and compact design. The board is installed upside-down in the heat pump which effectively help solve problems such as water ponding and dust accumulation. Moreover, only one screw needs to be taken down during maintenance.

Clients are very interested in new technologies.

PHNIX CO2 Inverter Pool Heat Pump

Higher Heating Capacity: CO2 refrigerant has better efficiency in heating, especially in low ambient temperature. According to testing data in PHNIX lab, PHNIX CO2 Inverter pool heat pump has 15% higher heating capacity than normal inverter heat pump.

GWP of Only 1: CO2 has a low GWP of only 1, so it saves much cost of the Europe F-GAS quota.

New Casing Design: PHNIX developed a new metal design especially for CO2 series which is aesthetic and in European style.

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