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New PHNIX Complete Family of R32 Heat Pumps/Heat Pump Water Heaters/Fresh Air ERV Unveil in Pairs

2019.11.07PAIRS, France

PAIRS, France, Nov. 5, 2019 -- The famous European professional exhibition INTERCLIMA was held here yesterday. PHNIX, a leading heat pump manufacturer in China, appeared in the show. Some of the best-selling new heat pumps of PHNIX's several professional companies, including commercial house heating heat pump, domestic hot water heat pump, and residential Fresh Air ERV were all unveiled at the INTERCLIMA.


“PHNIX attaches great importance to this exhibition. Many of the new heat pump products we developed this year will certainly not miss this Paris show. In fact, in recent weeks, our PHNIX has appeared in a series of influential professional expos in Europe and America.” Mr. Peter Wang, Deputy General Manager in charge of PHNIX global overseas business, said. Mr. Wang just attended PISCINA & WELLNESS BARCELONA 2019 two weeks ago. In the first twodays of INTERCLIMA, Wang held some key business meetings with some well-known European buyers.

Clients are consulting about PHNIX new products.

PHNIXPopular Products on INTERCLIMA­——

PHNIXR32 HeroPlus Series with A+++ ErP Level Reaching 60°C hot water according to PHNIX certified laboratory, the unit can work efficiently with exterior conditions at-30°C through floor heating, water fan coils or radiators for heating/coolingand hot water. In the past year, PHNIX R32 Inverter EVI series have been successfully applied inthe Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden. In the Nordic winter-25°C ambient temperature, PHNIX unit outlet water temperature reaches 55°C.

PHNIXHeat Pump Water Heater As a professional heat pump water heater manufacturer, PHNIX provides 5 kinds of domestic heat pump products, theyare all-in-one heat pump water heaters, top-kits of heat pump water heaters, water circulated heat pump water heaters, split type heat pump water heaters, smart heat pump boilers, and some of them meet European ErP test standard and reach A++ energy level.

PHNIXFresh Air ERV System The new products series on display with high efficiency filter, filtering particles as small as PM0.3 or bigger and filtering 99% PM2.5, have two installation methods for choice with ceilinginstallation and wall-mounted installation.  The PHNIX Fresh Air ERV System also has some powerful features with high efficiency of heat exchanging, anti-freezing and automatic cleaning.

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