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PHNIX Launches Commercial Water Heaters and Swimming Pool Heat Pumps in Israel Hospital and Aquarium

2019.12.04JERUSALEM, Israel

JERUSALEM, Israel, Dec.1, 2019 -- At the just-ended Israeli Aclima Exhibition, PHNIX cooperated with Oran and made a perfect performance. During the show, PHNIX Commercial Heat Pump Water Heaters, R32 Inverter EVI Heat Pump, All in One Heat Pump Water Heater and some other high quality products were displayed, attracting many visitors to stop and consult.

After the Aclima Exhibition, Deputy General Manager, Peter Wang and Global Sales Manager,Troy Wang went to  inspect the state of PHNIX’s previous projects -- commercial water heaters in Assuta Ashdod Medical Center and swimming pool heat pumps in Israel Aquarium.

Located in Israel's fifth biggest city, Ashdod, Assuta Ashdod Medical Center is Israel's first eco-friendly hospital. This time PHNIX 80 °C outlet water heaters - HeatPower Series serve there, which perfectly fits with the hospital’s green concept and receives the unanimously appreciations from the staff and patients.

PHNIX HeatPower Series Water Heaters in Assuta Ashdod Medical Center

At the same time, the project in the Israel Aquarium gain its success, too. The use of swimming pool heat pumps - Pioneer Series not only help to improving the energy structure of the Aquarium, but also provide a more comfortable habitat for the sea creatures without polluting the environment. In view of the successful cases in Israel, in the future, PHNIX will further promote the energy-saving products in Israel as well as the Middle East to help more people use energy-saving products to improve productivity and life quality, Peter said.

About PHNIX HeatPower Series

80 °C Hot Water Outlet The outlet temperature of HeatPower Series can reach 80 °C, providing enough hot water for medical and daily use in a relative low cost. What’s more, the advanced 4-way-valve and EVI technology of HeatPower Series ensures that the unit can operate at a temperature from -7 ° C to 45 ° C.

Environmentally Friendly The unit’s refrigerant, R134a is of lower GWP and its air pollution emission is zero, which is very environmental-friendly compared with traditional energy sources.

Compatibility Support The unit’s main board reserves RS485 connector and can communicate via Modbus. What's more, it is compatible with a DTU module and also available for BMS with a converter.

About PHNIX Pioneer Series

Multiple Models 9 models from 4kW to 23kW are available, Pioneer Series can be used in heating aquariums, aquafarms, small & medium pools, etc. It’s a cost effective way to produce water of suitable temperature for industrial use and residential use.

Easy Operation With a clear LCD touch screen and the simple operation mode, users can easily learn to control the machine.

Aclima is a trade show held every two years, whose topics include Air-Conditioning, Ventilation, Refrigeration and Heating, attracting about 100 exhibitors and at least 5000 industry professionals to participate.

Assuta Ashdod Medical Centeris a modern general hospital, beginning its operation in 2017. It adopts paperless office and other green practices, meeting standards for green construction and operations.

The Israel Aquarium locates in Jerusalem. It's a national aquarium and the largest onshore aquarium in the Middle East.
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