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PHNIX i-ForceLine Neo Swimming Pool Heat Pump Heat Up Your Pool in No Time

2020.03.26Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou, China, March 26, 2020 --  Enjoy pool fun not only in warm summer month, but also in cold winter days, PHNIX i-ForceLine Neo swimming pool heat pump can easily heat up your pool whenever you feel like a healthy swim. Targeting to the global swimming pool heat pump market, PHNIX R&D team developed a new swimming pool heat pump with high cost-effectiveness and the most trending refrigerant R32 and R410a for options. “This new product line should be one of the most powerful, efficient and affordable swimming pool heat pump currently in the market. Our cooperative partners, especially those in European area have shown great interest in the product.” said Mr. Peter Wang, Deputy General Manager in charge of global overseas business.

PHNIX i-ForceLine Neo Swimming Pool Heat Pump places emphasis on energy saving. With PHNIX advanced full inverter technology, the heat pump adapts its power automatically according to the surrounding conditions, which greatly help add up energy savings as the working day extends. Take Model 030 as an example, when compared with ON/OFF heat pump, the running cost is only 65% of ON/OFF heat pump, which means in every half year, users can enjoy a saving on energy bills up to 210.2 USD.

About PHNIX i-ForceLine Neo Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Easy Control

i-ForceLine Neo has a simple and clear LED display, users can monitor the running and running data and manage the operation of the heat pump easily.

Wi-Fi Connection

It is easy to operate the PHNIX i-ForceLine Neo Swimming Pool Heat Pump using a smartphone or tablet under wifi connection with PHNIX smart app.  The user can adjust the temperature (heating/cooling), select the desired mode, stop or switch on the machine, or upgrade the connected heat pump remotely.

Low Noise Operation

PHNIX i-ForceLine Neo Swimming Pool Heat Pump is designed with a patented compressor which favors silent running at a sound level as low as 38db(A).

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