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Special Announcement-COVID-19 Update


Dear Partners of PHNIX,

We have been paying closely attention to the current event and we would like to deliver our great concern to every partner we care about. This is going to be a very tough battle, but together, we are strong and will surely win.

We reacted quickly and took appropriate actions where necessary to ensure consistent production for delivering your products and service with high standard and keep our staff and manufacturing process safe.

Actions taken-Internal:

*Strict guidelines for all personnel regarding safe distances, limited meeting of larger group, consistent cleaning of hands, mask wearing in work place, entire facility cleaning and disinfection.

*Employees have to go over temperature test 3 times every day, should one have a fever of 37.3℃ or higher, he or she will be reported to hospital for further examination.

*Limited access to outside visitors.

*Elimination of non-essential work travel by all PHNIX employee

Actions taken-external:

*New online service. Holding online technical training and one to one remote trouble-shooting service for customers.

*New channels for communication. Implement teleconference.

*Respond to partners’ short in mask or relevant material and help them out by free offering or assisting to purchase for batch order.

Continue to serve our customers at the best manner and keep all of us safe is now and always our top priority. We will maintain our safety measures until this pandemic is deem non-existent. Should you need any help or assistance, please feel free to reach out to our team, as we are not only business partners but also friends in life.

Please remember, we always stand together!

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