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PHNIX March Oversea Orders up 23% from Last Month

2020.04.06GUANGZHOU, China

GUANGZHOU, China, April 6th, 2020 –- Under the situation of COVID-19 spreading across the globe, the global trade is slowing down its steps. However, at a local interview, PHNIX Production Manager, Mr. Liu, told the media that in April, all PHNIX production lines will be busy. According to the data he shared, the total orders of PHNIX foreign trade lines in March rise up substantially than last month, with an increase of 23%.

PHNIX products are ready to ship

The reason why PHNIX had achieved such uplifting achievements is that on one hand, as PHNIX products gained well responses in foreign market last year, old customers are confident to place large orders of PHNIX heat pump for preparing to the upcoming peak season. In March, taking Swimming Pool Heat Pump Line as an example, orders to be delivered are mainly from i-ForceLine X and i-ForceLine Pro inverter swimming pool heat pumps, as well as cost-effective i-EasyLine swimming pool heat pumps. As for House Heating & Cooling Heat Pump Line, Hero Series and HeroPlus Series are the most popular.

On the other hand, as a kind of cost-effective and eco-friendly products, air source heat pumps still have huge market potential in 2020, thus PHNIX is always greeting with many high-quality new customers from all over the world. In addition, as one of the largest heat pump manufacturers in China, relying on its great R&D teams, PHNIX continuously develops new products with leading technologies and vogue appearances, such as i-ExpertLine Wood swimming pool heat pump with strong capacity and wooden appearance, and HeatForce Series CO2 commercial heat pump water heater with lower GWP. In addition, PHNIX All in One Series residential heat pump water heaters also have attracted many new and old customers to cooperate for their various well-designed appearances.

Because of the soaring orders in March, PHNIX here is facing a huge production task. Fortunately, PHNIX has two factories with 11 production lines in total, which can undoubtedly meet the order demand. What’s more, PHNIX has hired some skilled workers to reduce the burden of manpower. Now, the goods are being delivered orderly.

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