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PHNIX Commercial Inverter Heating Series Receives Great Satisfaction in European Market

2020.04.20Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou, China, April 20, 2020 -- PHNIX is a strong representative of Chinese and even the larger global market among the brand of commercial and industrial heating& cooling & sanitary hot water heat pumps. Through decades of R&D for better heat pump product in commercial and industrial applications, this time in the area of commercial inverter heating, cooling, sanitary hot water, PHNIX has found a way of combining modern manufacturing methods and advanced technology for achieving highly effective and efficient commercial inverter heating, which are very impressive in terms of footprint, efficiency and noise.

Featured with higher efficiency for heating, cooling, sanitary hot water , PHNIX commercial inverter heating heat pumps can be used in a wide variety of settings including hotels, hospitals, corporate events, restaurants, sporting events, large-scale constructions, commercial shopping malls and manufacturing plants, and so forth.

Owing to some outstanding designs created for the unit, PHNIX commercial inverter heating heat pumps are very competitive to traditional heating heat pumps in many aspects. For example, compared to on/off commercial heating series, the inverter series is an ideal alternative in large buildings with full DC inverter constant heating technology. Further, the unit is very easy to operate and the maintenance cost is very low. Already, many PHNIX cooperative partners in Europe have adopted commercial inverter heating heat pumps and have expressed satisfaction.

Picture shows PHNIX Commercial Inverter Heating Series

About PHNIX Commercial Inverter Heating Series

Defrosting & Heating Independent

When several units work at the same time, the controller will averagely separate units for defrosting and heating, making sure heating demand not being influenced.

Patented Spray Cooling Technology

PHNIX self-developed spray cooling technology greatly improves energy exchanging efficiency and makes the units always running stably and efficiently.

Low Noise Running

The unit is with special structure design plus DC fan motors for air flowing with lower noise fan blades. So the units have lower sound level than normal units in the market.

Powerful Functions

The heat pump is developed with multiple functions to ensure safe and efficient running, especially including Compressor Current Detect and Overcurrent Protection, Modbus RS485/BMS or DTU, Peak Shifting Function and so on.

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