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PHNIX ExpertLine Penguin and ExpertLine Tab Pool Heaters Launches

2020.05.12Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou, China, May 23rd, 2020 -- As Chinese leading heat pump manufacturer who focus on the R&D and production of heat pumps products for 18 years, PHNIX never stop developing functional and aesthetic products that to meet the latest market demand.

New Pool Heaters Specially Devised for Above Ground Pool

Recently, PHNIX released a kind of brand-new mini heater that including two series, ExpertLine Penguin and ExpertLine Tab. The two series are very portable, whose height are only as tall as an adult’s knee, people can lift them up without effort. They are suitable for swimming pool heating from 5 ~15 m2. In addition to place them beside fixed swimming pools, users can use it to heat the removable above ground pool wherever.

Two Types of Casing Design for Personalize Choice

ExpertLine Penguin and ExpertLine Tab Series are featured as different appearances, in which the former is plastic penguin casing and the latter is regular metal casing. The plastic penguin design stands out from the conservative casing of the common pool heater, attracting people with its cartoon penguin look, which adds much fun to swimming amusement. The regular metal design adopts high quality matte spray on its surface, which integrates anti-corrosion, lowest aging, lowest fading, smooth and bright appearance.

PHNIX ExpertLine Tab Series and ExpertLine Penguin Series Pool Heaters

Highlights of ExpertLine Penguin and ExpertLine Tab

  • Plug & Play: ExpertLine Penguin and ExpertLine Tab comes out from the factory with a 4 meters power cord & RCD protection, so users can put it into use as long as receiving the unit.
  • Bluetooth Display & Control: With PHNIX self-developed App Aqua temp, users can see the timely situation of the unit and control it by mobile phone.
  • Ingenious Wind Inlet & Outlet Way: The unit adopts upward wind inlet & sideward wind outlet way. With this special design, though in a confined space, it still can perform heat exchange well.
  • A Longer Service Life: ExpertLine Penguin and ExpertLine Tab carries kinds of protection device, in which flow switch can protect the water flow; high pressure switch keeps the unit from overload; and fan economic defrosting helps to avoid the unit frost. These high standard devices completely longer the unit’s service life.
  • Two Years Warranty: Both ExpertLine Penguin and ExpertLine Tab provide two years of the whole unit warranty from factory. Users can purchase them without hesitation because they are supported by PHNIX original factory manufacturing experience and responsible after-sales service.

Now ExpertLine Penguin and ExpertLine Tab has been available on PHNIX official website. For more information about PHNIX and its new products, please visit www.phnix-e.com.

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