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PHNIX Central Control Technology Makes Hot Water Heating in Commercial & Industrial Applications More Intelligent & Energy-Saving

2020.05.25GUANGZHOU, China

Guangzhou, China,May 25, 2020 –Being supported by the strongest R&D team ever had in China’ s heat pump industry, PHNIX is constantly bringing impressive innovations to the market. Targeting the market demands for affordable, durable and comprehensible central control system for commercial hot water heating, since 2015, PHNIX R&D team has been devoting intensively into the relevant development of software and hardware and refined them into a control masterpiece, which has led a new revolution in the commercial hot water industry.

Designed to deliver an easy-to-use handy experience to the users, PHNIX central control system makes itself a 5 inch colorful touch display which is much more simple and less installation cost than conventional PLC control system in the way of connection between all the units in the system. Moreover, the interface is very user-friendly too. One-key buttons for timer-on-off support, temperature setting, running status monitoring, timer disinfection, lock screen, parameter setting are all readily available in one place, conveniently combined into a single, intuitive interface.

There are multiple smart functions that benefit the users in lowering the overall running cost. The function of off-peak intelligent heating can heat up the water to high temperature in the period when the price of electricity is low so as to provide hot water supply in an economical way when which is high. “The design of off-peak intelligent heating can help improve the cost-effectiveness of electricity consumption in water heating in large projects and shorten the payback time.” said Mr. Troy Wang, Global Sales Director in charge of commercial & industrial hot water heating sales division business.

Picture shows PHNIX Control Interface of Commercial Water heating system

About PHNIX Central Control System for Commercial Water Heating


The central control system is compatible with Mudbus/RS485/BMS standards.

Smart Operation Programming

The central control system can balance the running time of each unit so that the service life of each unit can be prolonged. Also, with the function of smart programming, the stand-by units can be activated when any faults occur on the on duty units.

Multiple Protections

There are multiple protections designed toprotect the unit, such as high pressure protection, freeze protection, flowfailures protection. An alarm will show on the control interface clearly whenan error occurs, so as to facilitate the fault checking.

Remote Update and Data Transferring

With the central control system, not only can the running data be transferred and backup timely, but also can the software be updated remotely, which can largely lower the labor cost during the operation and service.

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