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PHNIX Production In Full Swing In This Summer

2020.07.24GUANGZHOU, China

GUANGZHOU, China, July 24th, 2020---As the summer heats up,the production of PHNIX manufacturing factory is in full swing. Unlike lastyear, in which it was a low production season compared to the peak season normallycome in the end of the year. In this summer, 8 of the totally 9 productionlines in PHNIX Dagang Factory are running in full capacity. Over 16500 units ofheat pump will be produced this month, which is 335% year-on-year growth of2019.

“Under the pandemic, the supply of all material resourcesbecomes very tight, it is the key point to balance the internal production andthe demand of the overseas market. We are not supposed to see improvement inthis period for another half a year or even one year, but out of our expectation,favorable comparison indicators to last year has begun to be realized. “saidMr. Peter Wang, Deputy General Manager in charge of global overseas business.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the tensionbetween material supply, production and delivery, PHNIX is facing a hugeproduction task too, fortunately, with the strong capability of coping withcrisis, PHNIX can handle the situation without problem and keep deliveringsatisfying products and services to our customers.