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Competitive Advantage

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Mature Full Inverter Technology

Through over 13 years of research and advancement, PHNIX has mastered mature inverter technology and has applied to different category of its heat pump products, including swimming pool heating, house heating and cooling, central domestic hot water heat pump, commercial  high temperature water heating solution, which has improved the energy efficiency of up to 20%-60%, bringing great energy savings to the customers.

New Gas Application

50% of PHNIX heat pump products use R32 as refrigerant. Outstandingly leading the industry, heat pump products with new nature gas R290 have been developed for four diffrent applications, including R290 airExpert all-in-one heat pump water heater, R290 GreenTherm series for house heating, cooling+DHW, swimming pool heating, and R290 commercial heat pump water heating solution and have been launched to the market as well.  

The influence that the refrigerant do to the performance of the product is very critical. Not only does the refrigerant has to be stable, non-toxic, superior in performance, but also has to meet the requirement and environment rules of different countries. Last but not least, it has to be economic. 


Super Silence Performance

Through repeated advancement on internal structure, adoption of branded compressor, fan motor and inverter technology, PHNIX heat pump product can run very silently, the sound level of which is much lower than most heat pump product from domestic heat pump manufacturers. 

Smart Control Technology

PHNIX has a strong smart control technology which helps to realize high-level customization in the aspect of smart controlling. The smart app can work via WIFI/4G DTU/Bluetooth, making your really easy and smart life come true. What’s more, PHNIX has developed central control system for commercial and industrial water heating system which benefit for higher efficiency and lower energy cost.

Wide Application Range

PHNIX’s  heat pump product can satisfy various hot water demand with wide hot water temperature range from 26℃ to 90 ℃. And its application occasions covers from domestic to commercial. Particularly, the temperature of heat pump for water heating in commercial application can achieve as high as 90℃,which is very powerful and leading the industry ahead in China.

Low-temperature Operation

With the self-developed EVI technology and intelligent slide defrosting design, PHNIX house heating heat pump can operate stably in ambient temperature of -25℃, meanwhile supplies hot water of up to 60℃, and achieves a COP of up to 4.2. whose performance is very outstanding under super low temperature climate.

low temperature climate operation

Quality Control

Quality Control System

Incoming Inspection

Step 1
Incoming Inspection

Random Inspection During Production

Step 2
Random Inspection During Production

Finished Product Control

Step 3
Finished Product Control

Noise Testing Lab/Low Temperature Lab

Step 4
Noise Testing Lab/Low Temperature Lab

Transportation Test

Step 5
Transportation Test

ErP / CE / ETL / UL/ Standard Mark /  Energy Star / CB / MCS / DFMEA/Keymark/PED

Step 6
ErP / CE / ETL / UL/ Standard Mark / Energy Star / CB / MCS / DFMEA/Keymark/PED


PHNIX’s top priority is to ensure the reliability and quality of its products and to meet the technical & professional certifications of overseas markets. As an international brand, PHNIX holds several international certifications, including CE, CB, ETL, AHRI, WATERMARK, STANDARDMARK, SAA and so on. 

(The pictures below do not indicate that PHNIX has the listed certificates for every model of products.)

ErP A+++


PHNIX has obtained 424 authorized patents, 62 of which are invention patents as in the field of EVI technology slip defrosting technology, low noise design etc, and 9 are works copyrights. Among the 9 works copyrights, 3 are software copyrights and 6 are copyright on art work. Moreover, owning to PHNIX strong R&D ability, PHNIX are presented with many National Invention Excellence Award and High-tech Products awards.

2018.09.28 多组机组错开进入预设状态的控制方法
2018.04.24 换热装置及设有该装置的热泵机组
2016.10.5 一种变频机的排气控制方法
2017.1.11 一种基于区间管理的热泵控制方法
2017.2.22 一种变频控制方法
2017.2.22 一种滑移除霜控制方法及系统
2017.3.22 一种热泵机组调频点控制方法
2017.5.17 一种稳定的电子膨胀阀控制方法
2017.7.21 一种变频控制降低噪音的方法及地暖机
2017.11.14 一种变频热泵的模式切换方法
2019.11.01 一种水温调频控制方法
2020.03.24 一种除湿机风压零点控制方法及系统

Quality-guaranteed Components

PHNIX has a mature supply chain system. International brands such as Mitsubishi and Panasonic have a long history of cooperation with PHNIX and have entered strategy cooperative relationship, which can be one of PHNIX core advantage in product quality and stability.

  • Mitsubishi Motors
  • Sanhua
  • Sanyo
  • Schneider Electric
  • Emerson
  • Danfoss
  • Copeland
  • Hitachi
  • Panasonic
  • Fans-tech
  • Ruking

Certified Labs

PHNIX has built up a variety of testing labs providing a full range of tests for its products, which include general capacity testing, noise acoustic testing, reliability testing and low temperature resistant testing, etc. The labs are recognized by world-famous associations and has achieved strategic partner of SGS, AHRI, Intertek, etc. Particularly, the -45℃ testing lab has become the industry benchmark in China.

Certified Labs

Standard Running Test

Standard Running Test

Noise Test

Noise Test

-45℃ Low Ambient Temperature Test

-45℃ Low Ambient Temperature Test

Transportation Test

Transportation Test

Company Management System

PHNIX has completed internal management systems. They are ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 which are the most comprehensive and systematic international standard of company management in the world.

Company Management System
Automatic Production

Partial, integrated, and total automation of production are involved in PHNIX heat pump production, which has greatly improve the efficiency of labor and the quality of manufactured products and creates conditions for the optimum utilization of all production resources, on the other hand , errors caused by traditional manual production are eliminated.


Automation innovations extend from manufacturing to assembling. With AGV involved in the transportation of production materials, the transportation efficiency is 50% higher than human-power transport, which highly help to improve the production efficiency and reduce cost for manpower. 

Automatic Welding/Cutting/Bending Automatic Welding/Cutting/Bending
Automatic Welding/Cutting/Bending

The 4-way valves are automatically welded in PHNIX factory. The copper pipes of 4-way valves are accurately processed by digital Copper Pipe Cutter and Pipe Bender Robot. In mass production, the efficiency of automatic welding in PHNIX factory is at least 60% thigher than the average manufacturers in China.

Automatic Packaging Automatic Packaging
Automatic Packaging

Automatic packaging machine can pack the strap in a customized standard way and intelligently control the packing speed. Compared with the conventional manual packaging, the automatic packaging in PHNIX factory can  not only increase the production efficiency, but also raise the packaging quality. 

Robotic Assembly Robotic Assembly
Robotic Assembly

Robotic assembly machine can automatically assemble the main component such as compressor, heat exchanger which can highly increase the production efficiency and consistency. 

Vacuum Machine Vacuum Machine
Vacuum Machine

Generally, heat pump manufacturers use a "point-to-point" artificial vacuum testing system and can produce 60 heat pump units per day. However, PHNIX has brought in automated vacuum circulatory system. With this system, PHNIX can improve 50% daily production capacity .