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PHNIX Launched A New Inverter All-in-one Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater Using Propane (R290) Refrigerant

Date: 2021-09-07 17:14:35 Hits: 1393

GUANGZHOU, China, Sep. 3, 2021---In the journey towards decarbonizing, reducing carbon footprint in our homes which count for a large percentage of greenhouse gas emission, are recognized as an effective measure. As a better alternative to gas boiler and other heavy emission water heating sources, there is no doubt that heat pumps are set to play a significant role and become a smash-hit in the market. As the market never stop chasing after cleaner energy, PHNIX introduced a different refrigerant-airExpert inverter R290 all-in-one heat pump water heater to the market to deliver comfortable hot water in people’s homes whilst minimizing their carbon footprint.

PHNIX Launched A New Inverter All-in-one Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater Using Propane (R290) Refrigerant


airExpert inverter R290 all-in-one heat pump water heater is created for many reasons. Most of all, as commonly known as an eco-friendly refrigerant with much lower carbon footprint, R290 refrigerant has a GWP of 3 –while R32 refrigerant is 677 and R410A is 2088, which would contribute greatly to greener planet and help accelerate the adoption of heat pumps in residential buildings, thereby cutting use of polluted energy such as fossil fuels for heating. Furthermore, with R290 refrigerant, the COP can be further improved to 3.0 with more equalized flow distribution in heat exchangers, being more beneficial to users in cutting energy cost for their home.


“By promoting R290 heat pump water heater in household application, not only is it helpfully protected from the reduced availability of HFC refrigerants in some areas such as Europe, but it will also make a bigger contribution towards the target to reach carbon neutrality worldwide. What’s more, PHNIX R290 heat pumps utilizes natural refrigerants R290 use less volume per kW, allowing them to achieve more efficient and greater results than counterparts.” Said Edward Zheng, sales director in charge of residential heat pump water heater division.

PHNIX Launched A New Inverter All-in-one Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater Using Propane (R290) Refrigerant


About PHNIX airExpert Inverter R290 All-in-one Air-source Heat Pump Water Heater

R290 Refrigerant

R290 has a zero ODP value, which means that there is no negative impact on the ozone layer, and an extremely low GWP value, which indicates a minimal impact on the global-warming effect. This

makes propane an environmentally friendly refrigerant, at the same time maintaining good working parameters in heat pump units.


Stable Silent Operation

PHNIX R&D Center has optimized the noise control solution time and again by conducting countless

noise experiments on the airExpert-Inverter series, whose noise is as low as 50dB(A), ensuring a

peaceful home environment.


High COP

During water heating, the airExpert-Inverter series can automatically calculate and analyze its current operating conditions, then adjust the power input to achieve an optimal COP of up to 3.0. The excellent energy-saving effect makes it stand out from the other water heaters.


Color Touch Screen

The airExpert-Inverter series comes equipped with a color touch screen controller. The clear UI

not only allows the user to freely set the water temperature and the running mode but also to

check the temperature curve to know about the unit's working condition at any time.


Micro-Channel Heat Coil

The high-density micro-channel heat coils with multi-flow allow the refrigerant and the surface of

the enamel water tank to have a large-area heat exchange, which highly improves the heat transfer




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