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The Giant Flower Protector in The Largest Greenhouse For Chinese Lily in China

Date: 2021-01-11 00:00:00 Hits: 442

Guangzhou, China, Jan. 11, 2021-- JIANGSU RUIXIN Ecological Agricultural Co., Ltd. is a leading agricultural enterprise in China specialized in greenhouse flower planting. The enterprise runs large flower planting greenhouses covering an area of 1,700 acres with investment up to 230 million RMB. The main plants in the greenhouse are potted flowers such as Anthurium, Phalaenopsis and Chinese Lily among which the size of the greenhouse for Chinese Lily is the largest of its kind in China.

The Giant Flower Protector in The Largest Greenhouse For Chinese Lily in China


Temperature is an important factor affecting the growth and development of flowers, and further affects all physiological and biochemical processes in the body of the flower itself. The growth and development of each type of flower has certain requirements for temperature.


For example, the best temperature for Anthurium growing is between 18 degree to 26 degree. However, the JIANGSU RUIXIN greenhouse is located in the northern region of Jiangsu province, the average minimum temperature of which is minus 8 degree, and the average maximum temperature in summer is 30 degree. Therefore, the greenhouse has strong demand for house heating in cold winter days and also air conditioning during hot summer to ensure the best temperature and growing environment for flowers.

The Giant Flower Protector in The Largest Greenhouse For Chinese Lily in China


In the past, the green house used gas boilers to provide house heating for the greenhouse with annual heating cost up to 1 million RMB. As the implement of environment protection policy for converting coal to electricity, the application of heating devices such as gas boilers that emit large amounts of pollutants are restricted. Then JIANGSU RUIXIN decided to upgrade their heating system and chose to use heat pumps as an alternative. After their research, among various heat pump brand in China, they chose PHNIX.


PHNIX made a customized heat pump solution for the greenhouse with adopting a total of 20 units of 65kW capacity super greenhouse heat pumps. The heat pump solution helps to provide house heating for the greenhouse in winter as well as air cooling in summer, ensuring a stable temperature in the greenhouse throughout the year.

The Giant Flower Protector in The Largest Greenhouse For Chinese Lily in China


" The new heat pump system saves us two-thirds of the energy expenditure for heating and cooling, compared with the previous gas boiler, which greatly reduced our operating costs. Moreover, the unique defrosting technology effectively avoids the problem of equipment frosting in winter, which helps to guarantee the stability of the temperature in the greenhouse. All these benefits to reduce heating and cooling costs to a large extend and enhance the competitiveness of our products in the market." The operation manager of JIANGSU RUIXIN Ecological Agricultural Co., Ltd. introduced.


About PHNIX Super Greenhouse Heat Pump

1 Unit for 2 Demands: Greenhouse heating, cooling

PHNIX Super Greenhouse Heat Pump can satisfy both heating and cooling demand for greenhouse. It ensures the greenhouse always keep a desirable temperature in winter and summer, furtherly improves the crop output.

High Efficiency Heat Recovery

When the unit is working for greenhouse cooling, the free heat is collected for water heating and the hot water is storaged in a tank. Thus, the hot water can be reused for greenhouse heating. In this way, the unit reaches a very high COP.


Save Energy as much as 50%

The unit works with a heat pump system with COP as high as 3.3~5.8. According to energy calculation of projects with PHNIX super greenhouse, the unit can save energy as much as 50%. It greatly saves the running cost for the users.


DTU Communication

The equipped DTU in the super greenhouse heat pump realizes remote monitor and control of the unit. Users can check the running data and unit parameter remotely on his/her smart phone or PC.