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PHNIX’s First Attempt to Meet the Public through the Online Exhibition        — Chillventa eSpecial 2020 Makes a Big Success

Date: 2020-10-20 00:00:00 Hits: 477

Guangzhou, China, Oct. 20, 2020 –The COVID-19 never restricts PHNIX’s enthusiasm to exchange new ideas and trends with the industry. Riding the wave of many traditional exhibition’s move to online from offline, PHNIX attends Chillventa eSpecial 2020 to have an online meet with the industry people, to introduce its new products and new technologies to the public.


Highly value this opportunity, to achieve the exhibition as perfect as it gets, all PHNIX related project staff tried their best to learn, prepare, and practice again and again before the exhibition. For PHNIX, it’s not only a try of the online exhibition but also an important content of PHNIX’s digitization of foreign trade business.


At the Chillventa eSpecial 2020, PHNIX’s major product lines launched new products. About the PHNIXhouse heating heat pump product line, the HeroPremium Series, the HeroEco Series, and the EasyHydro Seriesmade their appearance, being a green and cost-effective choice for people's house heating demand. Regarding the PHNIX domestic hot water product line, the airExpert Titan Seriesarrived on schedule and impressed people with its smart control technology. As for the commercial product line, the HeatForce Series keenly interested the audience by its CO2 refrigerant. Through roundtable meetings on Chillventa eSpecial, PHNIX sales managers and marketing managers used slides, real machine demo to present these products to the public, and talked with people face to face in the Q&A session.

PHNIX’s First Attempt to Meet the Public through the Online Exhibition          — Chillventa eSpecial 2020 Makes a Big Success

PHNIX is trying to adapt to the new normal brought about by COVID-19 and seeks new opportunities that exist beneath such new normal.


If you are interested in PHNIX’s roundtables at Chillventa eSpecial 2020, welcome to visit PHNIX’s YouTube channel

About PHNIX HeroPremium Series

Ultra-Low noise level as low as 39dB(A)

Super high-efficiency A+++

Adopt ABS material to realize anti-corrosion


About PHNIX airExpert Titan Series

EPP material further reduces the noise

DTU/centralized control

Super heating capacity 11kw


About PHNIX HeatForce Series

90℃ hot water outlets

Cold climate stable running at -35℃

COP as high as to 4.5