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PHNIX Full Model Range of R290 GreenTherm Series Heat Pump For Heating/Cooling+DHW Obtain KEYMARK Certification

Date: 2022-06-24 00:00:00 Hits: 1049

Guangzhou, China, Jun 24th-Being the spotlight in the heat pump industry, all models of PHNIX R290 heat pump - GreenTherm Series have possessed KEYMARK certification. It is worth noticing that PHNIX is the first Chinese company that obtains the KEYMARK certification for R290 heat pump. 

PHNIX Full Model Range of R290 GreenTherm Series Heat Pump For Heating/Cooling+DHW Obtain KEYMARK Certification

KEYMARK Certification of PHNIX R290 GreenTherm Series


The KEYMARK is a voluntary European quality mark for products and services, that demonstrates compliance with European Standards. Also, it also complements CE Marking, so owning this certification can serve to boost consumer confidence to PHNIX R290 heat pump  GreenTherm Series throughout Europe and help PHNIX cooperative partners to grasp more market chances.


Favorable R290 GreenTherm Series Advantages:

· High Efficiency A+++ Energy Level

GreenTherm Series Heat Pump is specially developed with the most cutting-edge heat pump technology and modern design to meet stringent requirements for efficiency, stability and quietness. With top energy rating A+++, the unit is energy efficient and can greatly reduce energy bills for users.


· R290 Refrigerant

With both low carbon emissions and low GWP, R290 is recognized as the most potential refrigerant in the industry, and its application is conducive to achieving the goal of global carbon neutrality.


· Full DC Inverter Technology

This full inverter GreenTherm series heat pump utilizes variable-speed compressors, enabling the required output to be adjusted automatically at the lowest power consumption and maintain the optimum temperature at different climatic conditions. In general, with the full frequency inverter technology, GreenTherm series can achieve high energy efficiency.


· Stable Running

Thanks to the unique Inverter EVI technology, GreenTherm series can operate efficiently at -25°C and maintain both high COP and stability.


“PHNIX is the first manufacturer in China to obtain KEYMAKE certification for R290 heat pump, which is enough to prove the high energy efficiency, high quality and stability of its heat pumps. This achievement confirms the leading position and R&D strength of PHNIX heat pump.” according to Jab Fan, Sales Director in charge of PHNIX house heating/cooling+ DHW heat pump division.



As the leading heat pump manufacturer in China, PHNIX is an international enterprise specializing in the R&D and production of heat pumps and energy-saving solutions. Almost 50% of PHNIX products are exported to Europe, North America, and other overseas markets. To learn more about PHNIX and its products, please visit