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Server & Cloud Management Platform in Europe on Board

Date: 2020-06-28 00:00:00 Hits: 332

Guangzhou, China, June 28, 2020---Thanks to the hard workfrom our IOT team and now our Cloud & Server is successfully deployed inFrankfurt Germany which should be a helpful assistant of our EU partners intheir heat pump management all around Europe.

With this Server & Cloud management platform and everycustomer will be allocated one account to log in this system and manage alltheir inverter heat pumps remotely, so that the after-sales engineers do nothave to bother to go to the site for error checking or maintenance as in oldways but just to click on computer for checking parameters & temperaturecurve etc. and easily do relevant troubleshooting or daily management.

Moreover it's possible to check compressor working frequencyonline for every inverter heat pump on site, so that you can have a clear pictureon the full inverter heat pump working at different frequency to remain pooltemperature at the target temperature, meanwhile the frequency exceeds 10 stepsin total.

Functions of Server& Cloud Management Platform:

*Monitor the running status and ambient condition of all theheat pump units and create relevant curve, such as curve for water temp,ambient temp., compressor frequency, power state, etc.

*Show a directpicture of the compressor output frequency, so that you can see how much thefull inverter technology has contributed to raise the working efficiency andlower the energy cost.

*Grasp informationof all your heat pumps’ location and create a heat pump distribution map foryou so as to facilitate your labor arrangement for after-sales services andmaintenance.

*Keep track of thefailure feedback and troubleshooting efficiency.

Server & Cloud Management Platform in Europe on Board


Server & Cloud Management Platform in Europe on Board